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Our Team

Meet the Team

At Green Convergence, we have the skills and experience you deserve. Get to know our team by scrolling down and select the staff you would like to learn more about.

    • Principals & Senior Management Team

    • Mark  Figearo Photo
      Mark Figearo CEO and Co-Founder
    • Donald "DJ"  Schramm Photo
      Donald "DJ" Schramm President and Co-Founder
    • Stacy  Hitt Photo
      Stacy Hitt CFO and General Manager
    • Darren  Deldo Photo
      Darren Deldo VP of Operations
    • Robert  Van Dalen Photo
      Robert Van Dalen Commercial Director
    • Sam  Adondakis Photo
      Sam Adondakis General Sales Manager
    • Marc  Salata Photo
      Marc Salata Director of Marketing
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    • Susan  Marks Photo
      Susan Marks Admin
    • Brandon  Figearo Photo
      Brandon Figearo Permit Coordinator
    • Nadia  Foley Photo
      Nadia Foley Solar Energy Consultant
    • Derek  Sanchez Photo
      Derek Sanchez Inside Sales Manager
    • Jeff  Figearo Photo
      Jeff Figearo Solar Energy Consultant
    • Kevin  Latner Photo
      Kevin Latner Warehouse Manager
    • Rahul  Disa Photo
      Rahul Disa Lead PV Design Engineer
    • Alicia  Weiss Photo
      Alicia Weiss Solar Energy Consultant
    • Isaac  Rossi Photo
      Isaac Rossi Solar Energy Consultant
    • Chris  Sicam Photo
      Chris Sicam Interconnection Specialist
    • Sam  Johnson Photo
      Sam Johnson Solar Energy Consultant
    • Deanne  Dawson Photo
      Deanne Dawson Solar Energy Consultant
    • Wesley  Halpin Photo
      Wesley Halpin Commercial Project Manager
    • Maggi  Lopez Photo
      Maggi Lopez HR Manager
    • Jackie  Nava Photo
      Jackie Nava Project Manager
    • Jamie  Waters Photo
      Jamie Waters Project Manager
    • Henry  Nguyen Photo
      Henry Nguyen Accounting Assistant
    • Domingo  Corrales Photo
      Domingo Corrales Warehouse Supervisor
    • Matt  Bartol Photo
      Matt Bartol Logistics Manager
    • Evan  Roman Photo
      Evan Roman Construction Manager
    • Erik  Jackson Photo
      Erik Jackson Customer Service Manager