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Solar Panel Degradation and What it Means for Your Wallet!

There are many factors as to why solar panels degrade over the course of their twenty-five year warranty. But the main reason has nothing to do with upkeep, but with the solar cells themselves. Panels made with monocrystalline are the most efficient panels out there for residential and commercial spaces. Monocrystalline are the only type of cell SunPower uses for its panels. Although monocrystalline panels are the most expensive, they truly do live up to their price tag.

Above is a chart explaining the lifespan of a solar panel in twenty-five years. As you can see, other solar brands and the industry standard drops significantly below SunPower after the 6-7 year mark. The dramatic degradation of conventional panel technology could leave many customers with unexpected energy costs. SunPower panels continue to stay above at 85% efficiency even after the twenty-five mark, protecting consumer investment for decades to come.

Cheaper panels are made with cheaper materials that degrade faster. All solar cells degrade but consumers can ensure they buy panels that won’t lose their value after the seven year mark. SunPower blows the competition out of the water in these recent ratings. SunPower panels range from 21.5-25% efficiency on their panels, the highest commercially available.


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