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SunPower Equinox™

Solar Power, Reimagined

SunPower Equinox™ is an all-in-one, completely integrated residential solar system offering unmatched efficiency ratings, the latest solar technologies, and an unbeatable warranty. This is the solar system ready to transform your home, your energy consumption, and your carbon footprint.

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    maximizing power for your business and cutting costs

SunPower Equinox

Sun Power Equinox

Why Choose Equinox™?

  • SunPower panels ranked #1 in durability and performance
  • New, streamlined design to better compliment your home
  • InvisiMount® Hardware for easy, swift, and adaptable installation
  • EnergyLink™ Ecosystem technology for better control and maintenance
Solar Panels On Home Roof

Discover the SunPower Difference

Simply put: SunPower panels hold the world record for energy production, period. They've shown to deliver 55% more energy in the same space as conventional panels AND outperform other brands during minimal light conditions. With their modular design, they've also proven to be the easiest to install and reconfigure, as well.

Maxeon® Cells

The Power of Maxeon®

SunPower panels feature Maxeon® Cells meticulously engineered for strength, long-lasting durability, and efficiency. Their unique copper backing and light-trapping surface mean optimal, uninterrupted energy generation.


Genius Technology, Elegant Construction

SunPower microinverters are key to consistent energy output, even when panels are partially shaded. Unlike other systems, these devices are seamlessly installed behind each panel, eliminating the need for a bulky inverter box that takes up space and interrupts the aesthetic of your home.

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