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A Plan That Works for You.


SunPower owns your solar system.​

  • The performance of your system is guaranteed for the next 20 years.
  • If something breaks, SunPower takes responsibility and fixes the issue.
  • You can rent the system installed on your home through monthly payments, but still use the energy you produce.
  • If you sell your home, SunPower will guide you throughout the process. You can even carry over your lease to the new homeowner!


You own your solar system through loan payments.​

  • Your loans can be anywhere from 5-20 years in length.
  • Own your system on your timetable with no penalty for paying off the system.
  • You can own the system installed on your home through monthly payments over a period of time.
  • From solar tax credits to state and local incentives, you are still eligible to apply even with your loan payments.


You own your solar system!

  • Purchasing your system is the easiest way to maximize the most savings​ for your electricity.
  • Not only are you eligible for tax credits, but home equity loans may also be tax-deductible for you system.
  • You can own your system without the hassle of monthly payments from your utility company.
  • Although you pay more up front, your system will more than pay for itself with your energy savings.

Bill Before Solar

When you're relying on your utility company for power, electricity rates typically always go up. They rarely go down. From 2006 to 2012, California utility prices increased 30%* (LA Times).

This is why going solar with a company and solar panels you can trust is so important. Every year you wait, the cost of electricity continues to rise.
*Adjusted for inflation.

Bill After Solar

Since we sell the highest producing, longest lasting solar panels on the market with SunPower, many times we can eliminate your entire electric bill even when the competition can't. This means that you are no longer subject to rising electricity rates. Your bill remains steady month to month and year after year, building up your savings over time.

*Individual savings may vary, contact us for details.

Efficiency Equals More Savings

Saving money on your electricity is more than just finding the cheapest solar on the market. The more electricity you produce with solar, the more money you save. That's why with SunPower solar panels setting the world record in efficiency, Green Convergence installs the most powerful panels on your roof to save you the most money for your home.


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