SonnenBatterie Backup

Peace of Mind, Even if The Power Goes Out

Making the switch to solar means taking a step towards a more renewable and sustainable future, but it’s not to say you shouldn’t take a proactive approach in the event that you need a back-up energy option. At SunPower by Green Convergence, we offer the opportunity to combine high quality solar paneling with the sonnenBatterie eco smart energy management system, which keeps your solar working and powers your home when the grid goes down for a couple hours or days.

The sonnenBatterie intelligently and accurately controls how energy is used to power homes throughout the day and night, even when the grid is down. During the day, the energy management system stores excess self-generated solar power and uses it to power your home during high-peak times when grid energy is more expensive, at night when the sun is no longer shining or during a power outage. The sonnenBatterie provides reliable energy when you need it most.

Battery Backup For Today

In the moments immediately following a power outage, homeowners are often left seeking a trusted source of energy and solar systems alone will not work without backup power. By adding a sonnenBatterie to your home you keep your solar running and the lights on when the grid goes offline - giving you greater peace of mind and true resiliency. With sonnenBatterie, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the grid to come back. You can be confident that the backup energy you’re using is still sustainable, renewable, and efficient.

Simply The Best For You

With more than 26,000 sonnenBatterie systems installed around the world, sonnen accounts for 40% of the global residential lithium storage market share. sonnen uses the safest and longest lasting lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry in its award-winning technology and has been recognized as a leader in innovation, winning the 2017 Zayad Energy Prize, the 2018 Fast Company Leader in Energy Innovation and the Cleantech 100 for four years running. Because sonnenBatterie is fully integrated with new and existing PV solar panel systems, SunPower by Green Convergence can help you install and get your backup energy source working.

Interested in how you can combine solar with sonnenBatterie? Contact our Santa Clarita solar panel installation team today!

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