Commercial Solar
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An aerial view of a building with cars parked in front of it.
An aerial view of a building with solar panels.
Commercial Solar Energy Experts

Stay Competitive With Solar

Solar creates a new revenue stream by turning your roof into a power-generating asset. Instead of continuing to spend on a runaway utility expense that increases each year, solar is an investment that pays for itself and adds to your cash flow immediately.

Through government tax benefits, accelerated depreciation, and utility savings, many businesses will pay less than 40% of the cost of solar installation, and make that investment back in under three years. Other financing options allow for solar adoption with no upfront costs.

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Solar Solutions for Nearly Any Type of Roof

Solar For Any Organization

As both a multi-licensed EPC and experienced financing experts, we can work with a diverse array of needs and circumstances. These include:

  • Owner-operated, high energy consumers like manufacturers and food processors.
  • Landlords who want to capitalize on their buildings beyond lease revenue.
  • Not-for-profit or religious institutions who can’t take advantage of tax benefits.
  • Rooftop, carport, energy storage, EV charging and ground mount solutions.

Trust your investment to a solar partner with decades of solar installation, licenses in roofing, electrical, and general contracting, and deep knowledge of available financial tools. Find the right partner to remove obstacles on your way to solar.

An aerial view of a parking lot and a parking lot plan.
Solar panels on the roof of a building.
Simplifying Solar Solutions for Your Business

With You All The Way

You don’t need any distractions form your core business, and solar should be a help, not a hindrance. Green Convergence offers clear, thorough, collaborative planning for your solar solutions. From our first discovery meeting, to our unparalleled customer support after installation, we make solar adoption easy do you can focus on your business.

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