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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Toys for Tots

    Toys for Tots Donation Center at SunPower by Green Convergence Solar Design Center "Toys for Tots” is a charity run by United States Marine Corps Reserve that distributes toys to needy children during the holiday season. “Toys for Tots” was founded by reservist Major Bill Hendricks and has been collecting and distributing toys to children since 1947. In 1995 The Secretary of Defense made Toys for ...
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  • Santa Clarita Residents and SunPower by Green Convergence Support School Sports Programs.

    When Green Convergence formed almost six years ago our founders Mark Figearo, DJ Schramm and Stacy Hitt wanted to do something different. They wanted to work in an industry that would make a difference in the community both ecologically and financially. To ensure this vision was always the focus of our company they included the care of the earth, our customers and our community in our core values. ...
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  • The Evolution of Solar Panels

    The idea of harnessing the sun's power reaches as far back as the 7 th Century BC ; when civilizations began using magnifying glasses and mirrors to refocus light to make fires. In the 3 rd Century BC , the Ancient Greeks began designing homes that would utilize the sun’s rays for warmth, thus decreasing their over-dependence on firewood. Taking notice to these innovations, the Romans began making ...
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  • Solar is taking notice to the rapid growth of online retailing.

    As new technology allows companies to shift responsibilities into the hands of Internet resources, the costs of acquiring potential customers has seen a steep decline. Solar installers no longer are required to visit every prospective customer’s homes; the process can now be almost completely automated. Streamlining the sales routine will not only encourage new orders, but will also drive down ...
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  • Solar Company Invests In Education

    Solar installation companies are borrowing a page from the auto industries playbook by focusing resources on showroom based sales in an attempt to further educate the public on the value of renewable energy. This along with falling prices of (PV) panels allows solar companies to pass along these savings to the public.
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  • The Value of Expert Roofing When Installing Solar

    Residential solar power is a fantastic investment that can offer benefits in any number of ways, but only if the panels have been installed with precision, foresight, and accuracy. Most roofs are not designed to support solar panels due to the added weight. Other solar installation teams may not even be aware of this, simply because they are not trained as roofing professionals . Failure to assess ...
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  • SunPower by Green Convergence Solar Systems Are Overproducing-and Homeowner's Are Reaping the Benefits

    The summer months are fast approaching, and with them comes more sunshine and more solar energy. As of mid-April, SunPower by Green Convergence had installed 101 leased solar systems (along with many other purchased and loaned systems), and 68 of these solar systems are overproducing their estimated energy output. Because of the immense sunlight we have enjoyed around Santa Clarita this spring, ...
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  • Benefits of Commercial Solar

    Save Your Business Money Every year, electricity rates in California rise significantly and your business loses more and more money. Your business can benefit immensely by simply installing a commercial solar system, which will help you cut operating costs, increase profits, and possibly eradicate your monthly electric bills altogether. Don’t settle for unnecessary losses when such a simple ...
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  • Solar Will Never Spill or Harm

    When the ExxonMobil pipeline burst a few weeks ago, the small community of Mayflower, Arkansas was soon devastated. With approximately 84,000 gallons of oil and chemicals flooding the streets and invading local water sources, residents of this small American town are now exposed to tremendous health hazards, relocation costs, and basic life disruptions. So far, 22 families have been evacuated from ...
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  • Solar is a Better Investment Than a Car and it Creates Jobs

    Solar is a better investment than buying a car or renovating a house according to a survey conducted in New England. 7 out of 10 homeowners agreed that investing in solar power was more cost-effective and beneficial than purchasing a car or paying for property renovation. New England homeowners cited the fact that solar actually reduces your monthly expenses whereas buying a car or renovating your ...
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  • 2012, A Record Year For Solar Installations in the USA: And The Future Is Bright Too

    The year 2012 saw a 76% financial growth of the solar photovoltaic (PV) market in the US, according to and other reliable sources. The total market value of solar installations in the US is now $11.5 billion, up from $8.6 billion in 2011, which continues the drastic growth trend of solar in the past 5 years. 3,300 MW of solar power was installed in 2012, which set the record for ...
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  • Financial Benefits of Residential Solar

    Save Your Family Money Residential solar is one of the best investments you can make for your family. The benefits of residential solar are numerous, with the most obvious being the money saved. By installing a residential solar system, you can either completely eliminate your electricity bill or greatly decrease it. In fact, most people cut their electricity bills by more than 70% with ...
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  • SunPower by Green Convergence Are the Best Solar Installers In Santa Clarita

    If you live in Santa Clarita and are considering installing a solar system for your roof or yard, then SunPower by Green Convergence is the best choice you can make. As the Best Solar Installers in Santa Clarita, SunPower by Green Convergence offers the most reliable and efficient solar panels, in addition to the best services in the solar industry. The title of Best Solar Installers in Santa ...
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  • SunPower Releases New Panels, Record Breaking Efficiency

    In early April, SunPower announced the release of a new panel line called the X-Series, which has the potential to change the entire complexion of the solar industry. The X-Series includes two brand new, ultra-efficient panels aptly named the X21-335 and the X21-345 because of their 21+% efficiency. The X21-335 is all black while the X21-345 looks more conventional, but maintains a classy ...
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  • San Francisco 49ers Choose SunPower

    The San Francisco 49ers suffered an unfortunate end to the 2012-2013 season, narrowly losing the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens. But as the 49ers pick their heads up and revamp for the future, they can look forward to an amazing new stadium that utilizes solar power to make it one of the most energy efficient in the world. The 49ers have announced that industry-leading SunPower will be the ...
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