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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Protect yourself from overages: A guide to your meter and consumption monitor

    Many people install solar and believe they can use an unlimited amount of power and never get charged. This misconception can lead to unwanted overage charges from your utility company. It is important to realize that solar arrays are usually sized to mitigate your past usage. If you plan on using more energy after installing solar, let your consultant know before designing your system. After your ...
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  • Green Mercantilism and the truth about Chinese solar

    The first concern of any individual interested in going solar is always cost. Many consumers let the cost of a certain solar panel brand determine their decision to purchase. Though this approach seems prudent, it could be a very costly mistake. The cheapest solar panels on the market are imported from China. In fact, “49% of the solar panels” purchased and installed in the US this year were ...
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  • The Green Convergence Difference

    If you are considering going solar, you have many options. It might seem difficult to figure out which company/contractor is the best choice for you and your home. At Green Convergence, we don’t rely on flashy ad campaigns. We market ourselves based on the facts. And, the fact is we are very proud of what we offer our customers and our community. We take great pride in creating the most beautiful, ...
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  • The next big thing in solar tech: Solar panels?

    The solar industry is constantly looking for the next big thing. Every company wants to be the first to innovate and ensure that, as the alternative energy market grows in size and scope, they aren’t left behind. The trouble is many of these innovations in solar technology are typically neither cost-effective nor ready for commercial consumption. Though the news and the web are constantly buzzing ...
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  • 6 things to ask your solar consultant

    When installing a solar energy system, the most crucial part of the process is meeting with a contractor's solar consultant. It is in this meeting that you learn the most about the contractor, their services and values. We at SunPower by Green Convergence have compiled a list of six vital questions to ask your solar consultant. 1. Ask if going solar makes sense for you. The answer to this question ...
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  • Energy Independence-Coming soon to a state near you?

    The Union of Concerned Scientists believes that America can produce 23% of its electrical energy needs through renewable means by the year 2030, according to a recent article on CleanTechnica's website. The study was conducted in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent proposition that Americans should aim to produce only 12% of their electrical energy through renewable and ...
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