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Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • 8 things your solar contractor isn't telling you.

    Everyone has taken a leap of faith when choosing to invest in a new stock, project or piece of equipment. Risk is a necessary part of any investment. But, the risks are always lower when a buyer knows the facts. As more and more Americans make the switch to solar, it is imperative that they know exactly what goes into a solar installation, what the industry standards are and, even more ...
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  • New solar cells are fully charged! No batteries required.

    Solar cells, though incredibly energy efficient, are not perfect. In fact, about 20 percent of the energy solar cells collect is lost when it is transferred and stored in a battery. But thanks to Ohio State University researchers it seems this storage problem may become a thing of the past. Professor of biochemistry at Ohio State University, Yiying Wu and his team announced their progress in the ...
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  • See-through solar cells: a new view of solar tech

    Windows, especially ones on large commercial buildings, catch tons of sunlight. That sunlight is usually just reflected away from the building, wasting potential energy. But thanks to the work of UCLA researchers a nearly transparent, double-layered, polymer solar film has been developed. This flexible and easy-to-adhere solar technology can be installed on windows and smartphone displays, ...
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