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Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Attention SCV: Over 90,000 solar energy systems to be installed in 2015

    It would be hard not to notice how many solar panels are going up all over the Santa Clarita Valley. It seems like every other house on the block is sporting solar panels these days. And, the numbers have only increased since last year—but how much? Green Tech Media reported that in 2013 every four minutes a solar energy system installation was completed in the United States (1). That’s pretty ...
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  • Flying Fuel Free: The Story of the Solar Plane

    Citizens of Santa Clarita, what would it be like if airplanes had an unlimited amount of fuel? What if planes never had to take time to refuel or worry about running low on long journeys? What if planes were outfitted with SunPower solar panels and were powered completely by the sun? It certainly would be convenient. It would take much less time and money for airlines to operate. Solar powered ...
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  • Condense your Carbon Footprint with Condensing Boilers

    Of the many ways to heat a home, one of the most common is with a hot water boiler. If you are looking to enhance the efficiency of your home heating system, it’s important to understand exactly how a boiler works. Let’s start with the basics: A boiler burns fuel to heat water that is then distributed to radiators which heat a desired space. In the process of combustion, CO2 and water vapors are ...
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  • Tesla and the Emission-free Roadway

    About 400 miles north of the Santa Clarita Valley, Telsa is building something big, beautiful and powered by solar panels (1). We’ve already written at least three of our weekly blogs about this company’s progress as an American brand, solar innovator and an electric vehicle manufacturer. It’s safe to say the staff at the Green Convergence Green Blog is a little obsessed with Tesla. But, why? What ...
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