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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Solar: The Answer to Santa Clarita's Future Problems Today

    A new MIT study suggests that today’s solar technology is advanced enough to power the entire nation. This is great news for those hoping to go solar soon and those who have recently made the switch to solar. But, more importantly, this MIT study addresses one of the most common concerns that keeps many Santa Clarita citizens from going solar. But we’ll get to that later! First, for those Santa ...
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  • How Santa Clarita can celebrate Bike Month with Solar energy

    If you didn’t know it already, May is Bike Month in Santa Clarita! This month is the perfect time for you to make that miserable morning commute into an exciting morning adventure. All you need to do is ditch that gas-guzzling SUV or sedan for your old 3-gear that’s been collecting dust in the garage. Right? Well, for most Santa Claritans, it’s not that simple. While Santa Clarita has a large ...
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  • Getting Santa Clarita Off-the-Grid with Solar: Tesla's Powerwall Battery

    Attention Santa Clarita solar panel homeowners: Tesla has done it again! The innovative, luxury, electric car brand recently announced their expansion into home and commercial batteries. These batteries allow for the storage of excess solar-created electric energy. This breakthrough product could change the way Santa Clarita’s solar homes and businesses are powered—for good. Storing electricity is ...
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  • SunPower's 30th Anniversary: Santa Clarita's Top-Choice in Solar Panels

    Our dedicated Santa Clarita Green Blog followers know that here at Green Convergence, we exclusively install SunPower brand solar panels. We are one of their few and proud Master Dealers. The Master Dealer title is the highest distinction a solar provider can receive from SunPower. But why? Why did we choose to partner up with SunPower? Well, in honor of their recent 30th anniversary, we want to ...
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