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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Net Metering: What is it and why should you make the switch today?

    Everyone hates getting their electric bill. But homeowners in places like the Santa Clarita Valley and the rest of Southern California, where temperatures are high almost year-round, have the most reason to worry. Local utilities charge customers in these areas nearly criminal rates to keep their homes cool and the prices just climb every year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these costs could be ...
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  • SunPower's Solar Secret to Success: "Being a Good Citizen to the Grid"

    As solar energy becomes more and more popular, many raise questions about our aging utility grid and how we will be able to maintain it. Utility companies use a good portion of their profits to simply maintain your local electric grid. And, in recent years, they’ve hiked up their prices dramatically, citing an increasing necessity for extra revenue to update the nation’s worn-out electrical ...
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  • Solar Open House in Lake Hughes, CA

    Interested in going green or getting greener? See one of the “Greenest” homes Southern California, right here in the Antelope Valley this weekend and get tips for a master—Bob Large. Bob, a long-time solar and alternative energy advocate, has turned his home into a verifiable Mecca of sustainability. Due to his SunPower by Green Convergence solar energy system and other green renovations, Bob’s ...
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