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Blog Posts in March, 2020

  • What Are the Options for a Solar Battery?

    Is a Tesla PowerWall or a Sonnen Solar battery right for your home? Solar energy has become increasingly popular in the residential sector as technology has advanced, making it more affordable. Solar power saves energy and cuts costs on utility bills. If you are thinking of making the switch, it might be challenging to choose which system is best for you. That questions becomes even more important ...
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    “I’m not in a position to spend any money right now.” Homeowners are justifiably worried about bringing on any added expenses at this time of uncertainty. The effects of COVID 19 virus on the economy are still unknown. With families cutting household costs, why bring on an extra bill to pay? Because you are already paying it. Electricity bills are landing in the mail every month. That’s an expense ...
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    Probably more people experience buying a car than buying solar. Car purchasers can research fuel efficiency, reliability, and comfort to choose the right car for the right price. When most people consider going solar, they usually consider the equipment. However, in solar there are two important players in the process – the panel manufacturer and the installer. The car analogy breaks down here. ...
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  • Green Convergence Is First to Be Named a SunPower Master Dealer

    Learn why Green Convergence is the leader in solar storage systems in Simi Valley Green Convergence is one of the most well-recognized solar installation experts in Southern California. We have a 12-year history of customer satisfaction and have been given a variety of awards for our installation expertise. Among its extensive national dealer network, Green Convergence was the first to be selected ...
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  • How To Choose A Battery Backup System

    Save money and energy with a solar battery in West Hills There are several reasons that you should invest in a solar-tied battery backup system. Storing energy will save you money. You can avoid using energy from your utility company during peak times. During a power outage, use your battery to power your refrigerator so that your food doesn't spoil, or run any other electric powered necessities. ...
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  • Optimize Your Solar Power Installation with Our Proven Process

    Professional Roofing Experts Provide Extensive Reliability Without Sacrificing Aesthetics Your solar power installation should look as good as it performs. Using our trademark Master Tile™ Installation process, we'll not only create a solution you're eager to show off to friends but help you avoid common pitfalls like exposed wires and leaking roofs. Most solar energy installers know the best way ...
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  • Tesla’s Powerwall Battery Transforms Your Solar Power Solution

    Southern California’s Premier Tesla Powerwall Installer Optimizes Your Energy Efficiency As solar becomes the go-to energy option throughout Encino and greater Los Angeles CA, homeowners are looking to solar battery solutions like Tesla Powerwall to optimize their systems. Most homes primarily use power when solar energy is not readily available. Energy storage allows homeowners to use energy ...
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  • How to Prepare Your Solar Battery System for an Outage

    Our Protected Panel Designs Ensure Your Essentials Get the Energy They Need For many people, the entire point of getting an off-grid solar setup is being prepared for power outages. If power is cut off due to wildfires or inclement weather, you need to feel confident that your family won't be left in the dark. Very few people realize that simply adding a solar battery system isn't enough to avoid ...
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  • Do You Know How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Storage System?

    A Professional Installation from Green Convergence Helps You Reap All the Benefits New building codes, growing climate change concerns and unreliable power grids are motivating homeowners in Calabasas and throughout California to embrace solar storage systems. Designed to optimize your energy use while protecting you from blackouts and peak energy costs, these are an ideal addition for ...
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  • Finding the Right Financial Plan When Switching to Solar

    Discover How Solar Saves You Money and Explore Our Flexible Payment Options Switching to solar requires some investment upfront, but it proves to be well worth it over time. Not only does solar benefit the environment by creating zero waste or emissions, but it puts more money in your pocket by locking in electricity rates and often eliminating your electricity bill altogether. But exactly how ...
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