April 16, 2020

4 Reasons to Use a Trusted Tesla Powerwall Installer

Learn why you should invest in a Tesla Powerwall for Your Solar Power System

Not all solar batteries are created equal. The Tesla Powerwall is a solar battery system that can be customized to your energy needs. It can be charged with solar energy and reduces your carbon footprint as well as your electricity bill. Read our latest blog post to learn why you should trust a Tesla Powerwall installer to take care of your solar energy needs in Granada Hills, CA.

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When the grid goes down, you don't need to worry about your home shutting down if you have a home energy backup system. Solar energy will continue to power your essential appliances and will charge your Powerwall so you can have peace of mind. Storm Watch allows your Powerwall to communicate with the National Weather Service so that when severe weather is on the way, it will prioritize charging to help you ride out the storm.

Self-Powered Home

At night, while the sun is down, the Tesla Powerwall can power your home with the excess solar energy that it acquired during the day so that you never have to worry about your system going down or overreliance on the power grid. The Tesla Powerwall can back up key circuits in your home like refrigeration, home office, medical machines or other items you don’t want to be without if the power goes down.

Time-Based Control

One of the biggest problems that utilities have is meeting the daily and seasonal periods of high demand that put a lot of stress on the grid and force them to use fossil fuels to meet the demand. Many utilities use Time-of-Use rates to encourage customers to use less energy during peak hours. Electricity used during a peak period is billed at a higher rate than in a lower use period. If your utility offers Time-of-Use rates, you can use less expensive solar energy you've already generated to avoid electrical charges during more expensive rate periods.


Every Powerwall comes with an energy monitoring solution for your home so that you can see how it is producing and using energy. Simply open the Tesla Powerwall app to see how your energy is being used and produced in real-time, as well as a historical model of your power use and generation. This will allow you to make informed decisions on how you use your energy to reduce waste down the line.

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