March 30, 2015

Attention SCV: Over 90,000 solar energy systems to be installed in 2015

It would be hard not to notice how many solar panels are going up all over the Santa Clarita Valley. It seems like every other house on the block is sporting solar panels these days. And, the numbers have only increased since last year—but how much?

Green Tech Media reported that in 2013 every four minutes a solar energy system installation was completed in the United States (1). That’s pretty impressive. But, in 2014, the installation rates of solar energy systems grew exponentially.

Reports from GTM Research declare American solar installers completed a solar panel install every 2.5 minutes during 2014. This jump resulted from a “$15 billion… investment” in solar energy by the American people (1). Across the nation, residential homeowners purchased 200,000 systems last year. To give you some perspective, only 50,000 homes went solar in 2011 (1).

It’s not just the Santa Clarita Valley that’s joining the solar world; it’s a nationwide solar sensation. And, according to Shayle Kann of GTM Research, “Residential solar is the fastest-growing—and potentially the most transformative—sector of the solar market” (1). If solar installs continue to increase at their current rate, 900,000 new solar energy systems will be completed in 2015 (1).

America’s growing desire for solar energy has led to an increased demand for solar contractors and installers, creating jobs. President Obama pointed out that these jobs “cannot be outsourced”, helping to boost our economy (1). The solar industry is one that not only helps American homeowners by letting them lock in low rates as the cost of electricity continues to rise, but it also creates careers in sustainable energy for American workers.

Green Convergence is so excited to be part of this growing industry. We are happy to help our community make the necessary switch to solar by powering your homes with clean and affordable solar energy. And, we are even happier to employ Santa Clarita Valley natives and empower them to support their families with fair wages.

The switch to solar is a big one—after all, you only solar once! It’s an important decision that is good for most, but not all. Make sure you know what your utility bill costs and what solar can save you.




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