July 24, 2014

California & Solar Energy

In California, we’re proud to be a leader in the solar market in the United States. Between mostly sunny days all year round and supportive solar policies, we’ve been able to make great strides in the energy industry and plan on continuing to do so.

  • Over 1,861 different solar companies are at work in California, and they employ over 47,000 people
  • California installed 2746 MW more solar electric capacity in 2013, officially ranking us 1st nationally
  • There is enough solar energy power in the state to power more than 1,700,000 homes

If you’re ready to upgrade to solar panels on your home or office building, look no further than Green Convergence. Our SunPower solar panels collect more sunlight than conventional panels so you get more electricity per panel and it takes up less space on your roof!


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