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  • How Solar Panels Affect Your Home Value

    This week, SunPower by Green Convergence invites House Match Management to contribute to our solar blog with some interesting information about solar and residential resale value -SunPower by Green Convergence Do you want to increase your home's value? Not only do solar panels benefit the environment, but they also benefit your home's resale value as well. As more buyers are looking for ...
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  • SunPower Monitoring System

    One of the benefits of choosing a world-leading solar manufacturer is the exceptional array of technological resources offered to customers. SunPower Monitoring provides a 24/7 in-depth look at your system’s performance, allowing you to analyze the value of your investment. Whether you’re considering solar or are already installed, let’s review what SunPower Monitoring has to offer. Current Power ...
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  • The SunPower/Ecobee3 Buzz

    By: Will Chen Smart thermostats are increasing in popularity in homes across the U.S. The sleek-looking, energy-efficient, and customizable features of these thermostats make them desirable for homeowners who like the combination of clean aesthetics and energy savings. But not all smart thermostats have the same “smartness” in terms of compatibility, versatility, and controllability. Ecobee, a ...
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  • SunPower-ed Electric Vehicles

    The new Tesla S model will boast a generous 315 miles on a single charge[1]. The Nissan Leaf allows drivers to float on to 107 miles with ease[2]. The BMW i3 can run 114 miles on a full charge[3]. Electric vehicles are making large strides because of the battery improvement that allows for longer distances in travelling. The horror stories of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because the ...
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  • Nasa’s work with SunPower solar proves durability

    When choosing solar for your home or business, you want the best. But how do you know which brand and installer is best? Well, there are a lot of facts and figures you can wade through on your own. Or, you can save time and follow the example of America’s top scientific minds at NASA by choosing the same solar panels they trust to power their experiments. So what solar panels did NASA choose? If ...
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  • Why SunPower’s Efficiency Record is a Big Deal

    When people talk about solar, there are a few points they are guaranteed to bring up. The first is how much money solar in general can save you and your family on your monthly electric bill. The second, and even more important point, is which panel brand and model will save you the most. As the solar market is constantly expanding, there are many solar panel options out there. But when all the ...
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  • Solar Impulse Plane Lands in NYC

    Last night, the Solar Impulse 2 took off from Allentown’s Lehigh Valley International Airport, bound for JFK in New York City. This is the fourteenth and last leg of the completely solar-powered plane’s record-breaking journey around the world (2). Although the trip has taken a lover a year to make, the plane itself has been twelve years in the making. The project is the brainchild of Swiss ...
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  • SunPower and Owens Corning: Partners to GC. Partners to the Environment.

    If you are planning to go solar, you’ve probably been exploring all your installation options. You may have already compared various installation companies based on price. But you may not have considered comparing the quality of the materials each installer uses to create solar energy systems. Each installation company uses a variety of different materials and depending on the installer you ...
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  • Solar Investment Tax Credit Extension keeps solar prices low

    Many have heard of the Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC. It’s been all over the news and ads since its implementation in 2006 (1). But many may not know exactly how the Solar Tax Credit works. And, even more may be unaware of its profound effect on the solar industry in Santa Clarita and across the country. What is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)? The ITC is a federally-funded 30% tax ...
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  • SunPower Solar saves School Quarter Million

    Still recovering from the economic downturn of 2008, America’s economy is not doing a great job of supporting our public school system. Just this May, the Castaic Union School District “approved 45.4 layoff notices” in an effort to alleviate the “$4.1 million budget gap” (1). We all know we need to balance our budget but how necessary is it to fire the people who educate our children, especially ...
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  • Net Metering: What is it and why should you make the switch today?

    Everyone hates getting their electric bill. But homeowners in places like the Santa Clarita Valley and the rest of Southern California, where temperatures are high almost year-round, have the most reason to worry. Local utilities charge customers in these areas nearly criminal rates to keep their homes cool and the prices just climb every year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these costs could be ...
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  • SunPower's Solar Secret to Success: "Being a Good Citizen to the Grid"

    As solar energy becomes more and more popular, many raise questions about our aging utility grid and how we will be able to maintain it. Utility companies use a good portion of their profits to simply maintain your local electric grid. And, in recent years, they’ve hiked up their prices dramatically, citing an increasing necessity for extra revenue to update the nation’s worn-out electrical ...
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  • Solar Open House in Lake Hughes, CA

    Interested in going green or getting greener? See one of the “Greenest” homes Southern California, right here in the Antelope Valley this weekend and get tips for a master—Bob Large. Bob, a long-time solar and alternative energy advocate, has turned his home into a verifiable Mecca of sustainability. Due to his SunPower by Green Convergence solar energy system and other green renovations, Bob’s ...
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  • SunPower: Improving access to affordable nutritious food with solar

    When it comes to keeping communities healthy and happy, SunPower and its partners are deeply involved. Green Convergence is constantly promoting and supporting other local businesses and homeowners all over Santa Clarita, Los Angeles and the Ventura and Antelope Valley counties. Similarly, another SunPower partner, Freedom Solar in Texas, recently completed a “14 kilowatt solar power system for ...
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  • The Clean Power Plan: Good for your Wallet. Better for your Lungs.

    At the start of this month, the Environmental Protection Agency and the President presented their long-awaited Clean Power Plan. This plan was proposed years ago as a way to combat carbon emissions created by traditional power plants. These are currently responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions in the US* (2). Now, thanks to all of the agency’s research and groundwork, the Clean Power Plan is set to ...
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  • What is Cradle to Cradle and why is SunPower Certified?

    SunPower Corporation, an American solar brand—the only brand of solar panels Green Convergence installs—recently announced that “its E-Series and X-Series solar panels” made in France “are [now] Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver” (1). This is a great step forward for SunPower and an even greater announcement for potential solar panel buyers in Santa Clarita and beyond. To understand the benefits ...
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  • Solar: The Answer to Santa Clarita's Future Problems Today

    A new MIT study suggests that today’s solar technology is advanced enough to power the entire nation. This is great news for those hoping to go solar soon and those who have recently made the switch to solar. But, more importantly, this MIT study addresses one of the most common concerns that keeps many Santa Clarita citizens from going solar. But we’ll get to that later! First, for those Santa ...
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  • How Santa Clarita can celebrate Bike Month with Solar energy

    If you didn’t know it already, May is Bike Month in Santa Clarita! This month is the perfect time for you to make that miserable morning commute into an exciting morning adventure. All you need to do is ditch that gas-guzzling SUV or sedan for your old 3-gear that’s been collecting dust in the garage. Right? Well, for most Santa Claritans, it’s not that simple. While Santa Clarita has a large ...
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  • Getting Santa Clarita Off-the-Grid with Solar: Tesla's Powerwall Battery

    Attention Santa Clarita solar panel homeowners: Tesla has done it again! The innovative, luxury, electric car brand recently announced their expansion into home and commercial batteries. These batteries allow for the storage of excess solar-created electric energy. This breakthrough product could change the way Santa Clarita’s solar homes and businesses are powered—for good. Storing electricity is ...
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  • SunPower's 30th Anniversary: Santa Clarita's Top-Choice in Solar Panels

    Our dedicated Santa Clarita Green Blog followers know that here at Green Convergence, we exclusively install SunPower brand solar panels. We are one of their few and proud Master Dealers. The Master Dealer title is the highest distinction a solar provider can receive from SunPower. But why? Why did we choose to partner up with SunPower? Well, in honor of their recent 30th anniversary, we want to ...
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  • Flying Fuel Free: The Story of the Solar Plane

    Citizens of Santa Clarita, what would it be like if airplanes had an unlimited amount of fuel? What if planes never had to take time to refuel or worry about running low on long journeys? What if planes were outfitted with SunPower solar panels and were powered completely by the sun? It certainly would be convenient. It would take much less time and money for airlines to operate. Solar powered ...
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  • Tesla and the Emission-free Roadway

    About 400 miles north of the Santa Clarita Valley, Telsa is building something big, beautiful and powered by solar panels (1). We’ve already written at least three of our weekly blogs about this company’s progress as an American brand, solar innovator and an electric vehicle manufacturer. It’s safe to say the staff at the Green Convergence Green Blog is a little obsessed with Tesla. But, why? What ...
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  • The next big thing in solar tech: Solar panels?

    The solar industry is constantly looking for the next big thing. Every company wants to be the first to innovate and ensure that, as the alternative energy market grows in size and scope, they aren’t left behind. The trouble is many of these innovations in solar technology are typically neither cost-effective nor ready for commercial consumption. Though the news and the web are constantly buzzing ...
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  • New solar cells are fully charged! No batteries required.

    Solar cells, though incredibly energy efficient, are not perfect. In fact, about 20 percent of the energy solar cells collect is lost when it is transferred and stored in a battery. But thanks to Ohio State University researchers it seems this storage problem may become a thing of the past. Professor of biochemistry at Ohio State University, Yiying Wu and his team announced their progress in the ...
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  • See-through solar cells: a new view of solar tech

    Windows, especially ones on large commercial buildings, catch tons of sunlight. That sunlight is usually just reflected away from the building, wasting potential energy. But thanks to the work of UCLA researchers a nearly transparent, double-layered, polymer solar film has been developed. This flexible and easy-to-adhere solar technology can be installed on windows and smartphone displays, ...
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