March 3, 2018

Customer Support at Green Convergence

Green Convergence is committed to excellent customer service throughout a client’s entire solar project…and beyond. After installation is complete, our Customer Support department continues to hold the client’s hand through the lifetime of their system.

What Can We Do For You?

  1. Make Sense of Your New Utility Bill & Monitoring System.

Utility companies don’t exactly make bills very easy to read, and Customer Support sympathizes with the confusion this causes for our clients. Hoping to demystify these new electric bills, the department is available to answer any questions the client may have and explain the system’s new trends in consumption and production.

  1. Listen to Any and All Questions.

Clients also ask frequently about internet monitoring, panel cleaning, transferring their system to a new homeowner, what to do during power outages, etc. No matter what the question is, the Customer Support team is available listen to the concerns of clients and identify the issue. Just call us at 661.294.9990 and we’ll do the best we can to resolve your issue.

  1. Prioritize the Client.

Our goal is not only to offer the right solution, but to ensure that our clients are happy and content with our service. Additionally, although other homeowners with solar often inquire about servicing, our team always prioritizes Green Convergence clients and ensures that their service comes first.

  1. Welcome Your Feedback.

Besides addressing the needs of clients, the Customer Support team appreciates any honest communication provided by customers to help us improve. As a business dedicated to further enrichment and growth, we see the value of looking through the eyes of the client’s experience. All feedback received by Customer Support is communicated to others on our training team and becomes the basis for company improvement.

Our clients can trust our Customer Support team to support them as new solar-system owners. Green Convergence customers should never hesitate to call our team, knowing they will be receive full attention and committed service on the other end of phone.


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