October 26, 2021

Do I Need a Solar Battery Backup?

A solar energy system is a great way to improve the energy supply that your home or business depends on. Not only will it add stability to your energy, but it will bring costs down tremendously by allowing you to harvest a good chunk or even all of the energy you consume directly from the sun itself. However, solar energy also has its own challenges, and that’s why many people choose to pair their panels with a battery backup system. The two technologies are mutually beneficial in a number of ways, but do you need to install a battery backup when you make the switch to solar? While it undoubtedly helps, this blog will help you to choose whether or not you should also invest in a solar battery system along with your new energy panels.

Solar Overproduction

Ideally, you would like your solar energy system to produce the exact amount of energy you need throughout the day. However, this isn’t exactly possible because your panels will produce varying amounts of energy depending on the time of day, time of year, and the weather. Plus, your electrical demands vary from day to day as well. Ideally, a solar energy system will meet your power demands, and give you some room to grow as our energy consumption is continually increasing year after year. All of these things go into consideration when designing a solar energy system.

However, what happens when your panels produce more energy than they consume? If you don’t have any way of storing that extra energy, it is sent back to the electrical grid and California’s consumer-friendly net metering laws dictate that you are paid for that energy at the same rate you would pay had you purchased it instead. Sounds like a solid deal, right?

However, this brings up an issue—most solar panels peak their production in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest point and pelting the earth with the most energy. This is also when energy typically isn’t at its most expensive for those on time-of-use energy rates. That time comes later on in the afternoon, when panels aren’t quite producing at their maximum either. Your panels may have earned you a small credit earlier in the day, but more often than not those who need a small amount of grid power during peak usage times will find that they’re paying far more for energy when they actually need it.

A battery backup system can help you avoid this problem. Rather than sending your excess energy back to the grid, a solar battery system allows you to store this energy and utilize it when you need it. Whether it’s to help you avoid the most expensive energy of the day or even to keep your lights on overnight, solar batteries are a great way of taking advantage of more of the energy your solar energy produces, and that in turn could help you maximize your investment even more.

Emergency Power

Another great use of solar energy systems is emergency power. Rolling blackouts have become an unfortunately common part of our reality at multiple points of the year, particularly during extremely windy weather in our state’s dry and humid conditions. These blackouts are designed to prevent the start and spreading of wildfires, but they can leave you without power for several hours at a time. With a solar battery system, you may not have to suffer through these blackouts any longer.

When combined with a proper transfer switch and inverters, a solar battery could be set up to operate as an emergency power source. Solar panels do continue to produce energy, but they must also be disconnected during an outage as the power they send back to the grid could cause further accidents or injury. Unless you have the proper components that can separate your home from the public grid temporarily, your power will go down right along with everyone else’s. With a battery backup system, you can continue to rely on solar energy and stored power to turn your lights back on while others might be stuck in the dark.

Learn More About Installing a Solar Battery Today

To sum it up: no you don’t necessarily need a battery backup system in order to take advantage of solar. However, without a solar battery, you may not be able to utilize your solar energy system to the fullest. If you’re looking for a way to save money and keep your home powered in the event of an extended outage, contact us and let us help you explore your options for installing a solar battery backup system.

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