January 22, 2016

El Niño and solar: Is your investment safe?

With the drought in California wreaking havoc on our lawns and our shower-times, the approach of El Niño is exciting news. According to the LA Times, “some scientists say their measurements show that this year’s El Niño could be among the most powerful on record...”(1). But big storms mean strong winds and heavy rainfall. This will put extra stress on your roof, and potentially, your solar energy system.

Many may wonder, “Will my solar energy system be storm-safe?”. If you have a Green Convergence system, the short answer is “yes”. But we cannot guarantee that any and every solar energy system installed by others will be wind-resistant and leak-proof during this year’s El Nino. All we know for sure is SunPower solar energy systems are the most storm and wind-resilient systems on the residential market and if anything did go wrong during heavy rainfall*, Green Convergence would fix it.

*As long as the damage was caused by nature, not negligence.

As our customers know, SunPower solar panels boast an efficiency of 21%—the highest solar panel efficiency available. But what many may not know is that SunPower offers the most durable panels available for residential use. According to the lauded Fraunhofer durability test, SunPower panels rank #1 (2).

But it’s not just the panels that make SunPower systems the right choice for El Nino season. It’s the way they are mounted to your roof.

When Green Convergence installs a solar energy system, they mount panels low or “flush” to the roof. This makes your system more beautiful and less obtrusive. But, more importantly, this makes your system more wind resistant.

Other panels cannot be installed this close to your roof line. Their designs necessitate more negative space between panel and roof to stave off the risk of overheating. And, other installers cannot mount SunPower panels like Green Convergence can because this requires that they are licensed roofing contractors.

This is because Green Convergence does things differently. Every time Green Convergence installs a solar energy system on a tile roof, we perform our special Master Tile™ Installation. This means that we carefully remove your roof tiles and replace the roof beneath your new solar energy system with a brand-new, leak-proof Owen’s Corning shingle roof.

*Learn more about Master Tile™ Installation here.

This roof carries a 50-year warranty and guarantees your solar energy system will not leak during heavy rains. Other solar installers typically drill dozens and dozens of holes straight into your existing roof and slap solar panels on top. This technique increases your risk of roof leaks. Something we all would like to avoid, especially with heavy rains on the way.

Green Convergence cannot guarantee leaks will never happen. Though we never get calls about roof leaks under our solar energy systems, if we did we would take responsibility and fix them. We often get calls from solar homeowners who went solar with another company to fix leaks under solar energy systems during rainy season.

So make sure your investment in solar is safe with a company who knows how to prepare your roof for rain, sleet and sun! Choose Green Convergence today!


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