August 11, 2015

GRID Alternatives allies with SunPower to empower

Our partner and solar panel manufacturer of choice, SunPower recently announced an extension of their partnership with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit with a mission to share the sun and the job opportunities it provides with low-income communities across America and around the world.

Using renewable energy technology, such as solar panels, GRID Alternatives makes it possible reduce qualifying homeowners’ energy bills to nearly nothing while providing valuable job training to people in-need. To do this, GRID partners with SunPower and other companies that care and, using the money and resources they provide, assembles teams of volunteers to install solar energy systems on the roofs and in the communities of low-income individuals. In return for their help, these volunteers receive valuable job training in the rapidly growing field of solar energy.

GRID Alternatives Team.

In this way, GRID works to eliminate the stress of high energy bills for poor homeowners while increasing the skill level and employability of their volunteers, who are often members of these low-income communities themselves. Based out of Oakland, California, most of GRID Alternative’s efforts are currently focused on our state’s at-risk communities. But their programs extend to communities in-need in places as far away as New York and Nicaragua.

GRID firmly believes that providing solar and relevant job training at little to no cost to individuals in underserved communities not only improves those communities but our country and world as a whole. And, they have a strong case. Their efforts have been shown to reduce the strain of high utility bills on the poor and improve the social mobility of those same individuals through valuable job training all while reducing emissions created by traditional sources of electricity—a.k.a. fossil fuels.

The best part of GRID Alternative’s program is that anyone can volunteer and benefit from the job training and the hand- on experience the program provides, all while helping your neighbors and meeting new people. All you have to do is go to the GRID Alternatives website, check out their Volunteers page, and sign up for their next project near you.

Green Convergence is happy that our partner SunPower is deeply involved with GRID Alternatives. We share their devotion to helping everyone harness the power of the sun with solar panels and hope to one day live in a world completely powered by clean, money-saving SunPower solar.



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