November 2, 2023

Picking a Solar Partner: The Right Choice Before, During, and After Installation

When picking the best solar company, pay attention to the service you will get over the long haul.

Investing in a solar energy generation system is a great decision for any commercial property owner looking to save money with utility costs on the rise. However, finding a reliable commercial solar company can be a daunting task.

Many companies offer solar panel installations and products, but not all of them are the best choice for your business.

Exceptional Service

Almost all solar systems have a life span of 25+ years. When choosing the right solar installer, it would be wise to ensure they will be able to assist and support the system for the next 10-20 years.

Solar panels do need regular maintenance which requires expert help. Making sure repairs and system checks are done by the same company that installed the system is the best way to go.

Every solar company has its unique way of setting up the system. Hiring another company for repairs could lead to problems such as solar panel failure, because of the unfamiliarity of the system’s design.

High Quality Product

Over the years, the cost of solar panels has gone down. So too have installation costs for commercial solar projects thanks to federal and state incentives and rebates.

But that doesn’t mean all solar companies are using the best products. Because quality varies between manufacturers it’s not uncommon for solar companies to evaluate panel efficiency, panel technology, and materials for what’s best for their business and clientele.

Before choosing a solar company it’s important to understand what products they use. Typically, premium products require maintenance less often and yield better results than lower-cost products.

Maintenance And Solar Warranties

To avoid potential future problems with your solar system, look for installation experts who offer warranty work. A workmanship warranty can help cover any issues during the installation process.

If a solar panel or any of the electrical wiring is damaged from a poor installation job, a good warranty can help cover the repairs avoiding any out-of-pocket costs.

Many solar installers offer a wide range of warranties which is why It is important to find a company that offers a warranty that can last the solar system’s lifespan.

Financial Flexibility

A commercial solar project is a significant investment for any business or non-profit organization and requires a lot of capital.

A great solar company can smooth over some of those concerns by providing financial flexibility through a variety of payment options.

Additionally, the solar company you choose has the best knowledge of incentives and rebates in your utility service to keep installation costs down.

Having an experienced team is beneficial to utilize cost-effective procedures while keeping our project on budget.

Reputation And Longevity

The solar industry is a competitive market with startups entering the industry daily. A reputable commercial solar company has a great track record with their installation projects and a strong relationship with the manufacturers they use.

Customer reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp can provide great insight into a solar company’s credibility and set expectations about the company’s procedures. Reviews can also note potential red flags such as poor installation practices or unfavorable warranties.

Green Convergence Is Your Commercial Solar Expert

As more businesses and non-profit organizations realize the importance of renewable energy, commercial solar projects are in high demand. Green Convergence is the go-to contractor with a proven track record and industry expertise to oversee all energy projects.

Green Convergence has been providing world-class solar services for the last 15 years and earned the highest distinction as SunPower’s first “Master Dealer.”

We offer comprehensive operation and maintenance services that go far beyond the coverage provided by the panel manufacturer’s warranty. At Green Convergence, we maintain confidence that your solar system will provide a reliable supply of power for years to come.

Green Convergence provides a 25-year panel power warranty and covers all labor costs on any required maintenance work.

What makes us stand out is our 20-year production guarantee with a dollar payout if the panels underperform.

To ensure this guarantee, we provide weekly monitoring and monthly reports of estimated/promised production versus actual production.

We will conduct annual inspections on your solar system, which benefits any insurance policy you have on your commercial property to give you confidence there will be no electrical issues.

We commit to five years of annual panel washings to keep your system running at optimal performance to avoid any dips in production.

To get started on your solar project with Green Convergence, contact us here. You can reach us by phone at 661-491-5111 or by email at


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