January 2, 2015

SunPower-ing past the SCV solar panel competition: Why experts and GC are so invested in the brand

If you are a follower of the Green Blog at greenconvergence.com, you know we like to discuss and inform our readers about new innovations in solar technology. We do this because our customers always come first. We think it's important for you to know exactly what’s happening in the world of solar.

Many say it isn’t in our best interest to devote attention to upcoming solar technology. Green Convergence installs solar panels. We are SunPower brand Master Dealers. We don’t carry the latest solar innovations like solar roadways or windows, so why do we bother discussing them? Aren’t we advertising for our potential competition?

The answer is simple. We can share fun facts about solar tech we don’t sell because we believe in our product. SunPower panels are the best panels on the market. Any perceived risk of a competing solar company coming up with a more efficient product is simply not viable.

Why not?

First, SunPower, as a panel manufacturer, is aware of the constant threat of competitive technology overtaking the market. That is why their panels have a unique, “and difficult to copy” design (1). According to Travis Hoium, “[Other conventional brands of] solar panels are in no danger of leapfrogging SunPower because most cells are made from a fundamentally lower efficiency p-type construction (versus SunPower's n-type) and don't use back contact construction or a number of other incremental improvements” on the basic solar panel that SunPower has made (1). With panels ranging from 20-21% efficiency, the SunPower brand is and will likely remain the top performing solar manufacturer on the market (2).

But, some may wonder about the other kinds of new solar tech that this blog has mentioned? Won’t products like solar windows overtake SunPower panels in the future?

We discuss these new innovations because we are passionate about providing our customers with solar news and resources. And, frankly, we think some of these products are just too cool not to mention. Despite this, experts say none of these innovations will be able to compete with the relatively low cost and high efficiency of SunPower panels for a very long time (1). As Hoium states so eloquently, “Solar technology is easier said than done and I'm taking a "prove it" attitude with new technology” (1).

Finally, SunPower is and will remain the leader of the solar power pack because they put all of their energy into creating a superior product, not into promoting a subpar brand (1). SunPower is all about creating and maintaining a quality solar panel, just like Green Convergence is all about creating and maintaining quality solar installations and services. Neither SunPower nor Green Convergence focus on flashy, blustering ad campaigns to build our brands. We continue to grow simply by focusing on giving our customers the best products and installations on the market.

So, the Green Convergence Green Blog will continue to give you the facts about up-and-coming solar products, as well as energy-saving tips and tricks. We will strive to make this a fun and informative place to help you explore the fascinating world of solar because we believe in what we sell. We believe in SunPower panels. We believe they will continue to surpass their competition in beauty, quality and efficiency. We believe Green Convergence will do the same.


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