October 15, 2013

Santa Clarita Residents and Green Convergence Support School Sports Programs

When Green Convergence formed almost six years ago our founders Mark Figearo, DJ Schramm and Stacy Hitt wanted to do something different. They wanted to work in an industry that would make a difference in the community both ecologically and financially.

To ensure this vision was always the focus of our company they included the care of the earth, our customers and our community in our core values. At Green Convergence we define Caring for the Earth as leaving this planet a better place for all our children. Born from this core value is our “Cash for Kids Program”.

The Cash for Kids Program promises a $500 donation to the kids program of your choice when you choose to go solar with Green Convergence. To show our appreciation for their generosity we will also be giving the customer a $500 rebate towards the cost of their system.

Two of our most recent participants in the Cash for Kids Program are the Robinson and McCann families. The Robinson family from Valencia installed a 12.4 kW system that will reduce their carbon dioxide footprint by 443,549 pounds of CO2. This is the equivalent of planting 5,158 mature trees. The McCann's Green Convergence solar array will reduce their carbon footprint the equivalent of not driving a car over 666,298 miles. The McCann family donated their $500 dollars to Valencia High School.

Going Solar will save you a considerable amount of money, but the purchase can mean so much more than that. The Cash for Kids Program is just one more way Green Convergence would like to help you ensure that we leave this planet a better place for all of our children.

*$500 Rebate and $500 Donation paid upon SunPower Solar System Installation, *SunPower Manufacturer's Rebate = First $500. ** Kids programs second $500 ***can only be donated to a school program or non-profit children’s program. This program offer cannot be combined with any other offer, further exclusions may apply. ****Names of Program Participants have been changed to protect their privacy. Installation statistics are factual.


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