August 16, 2012

Santa Clarita solves water problems with solar

Have you ever wondered what consumes the most energy in California? With close to 37 million residents in California I always assumed our houses were the guilty party. I was wrong. A 2005 study by the California Energy commission reported that over 19 percent of California’s energy is consumed just for treating and pumping water! California water and waste water agencies spend over $500M dollars every year on energy and the rates keep climbing.

The CLWA (Castaic Lake Water Agency) announced that they will partner with SunPower to build a 1-megawatt solar system in an effort to mitigate over 98 percent of their energy usage. SunPower has built over 20 megawatts of Solar Energy Systems for use at water treatment facilities around the state. SunPower will design, build, operate, and maintain the facility. The 1-megawatt system will utilize the T0 tracking system to follow the trajectory of the sun and boost efficiency.

The CLWA has entered into a 20 year Power Purchase agreement with SunPower. The facility will actually be owned by PNC Energy Capital who will sell the power to CLWA at specified rates allowing them capitalize on financial incentives and hedge against rising energy costs. SunPower is the only manufacturer offering a 25 year warranty for their Solar Energy Systems. They have the best warranties, the most efficient panels and have installed more Photovoltaic arrays at the commercial, residential and utility scale level than anyone else in America.

Green Convergence is proud to be the only Elite SunPower Dealer located in the Santa Clarita Valley. The construction of this enormous solar facility in Santa Clarita coincides with the William S. Hart School districts plan to install over 7 megawatts of photovoltaic at 9 separate locations. Alternative energy is exploding across the globe with solar at the fore-front. California is America’s biggest investor of solar with over 2,150 MW installed in 2010.

Over the last 3 years the solar market has more than doubled in California. Every time a solar energy system is commissioned, jobs are created, consumers save money and our country moves toward a cleaner greener future.


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