April 23, 2013

Green Convergence Featured in SCV Signal's Sales Beat

In an article featured March 5th of this year, the Sales Beat section of the Santa Clarita Valley Signal rightly praised Green Convergence for their unparalleled services, products, positive customer reviews and overall satisfaction. “Here you have a truly nice group of people that clearly want to do what is best for the customer,” wrote Alesia Humphries.

The Signal article outlines the many advantages of going solar with Green Convergence. First and foremost, Green Convergence can eliminate your current electricity bill or significantly lower it with no money out of your pocket. The solar installer utilizes smart financing options and successful lease plans, meaning that they can provide cleaner, cheaper energy to your home for $0 down. If you just provide Green Convergence with your current electric bill, they take care of the rest—ensuring that you optimize your savings with the perfect solar system for your home.

Beyond the amazing financial savings offered by Green Convergence, another key aspect of the local solar company is their motto of “no pressure.” The Santa Clarita Valley Signal highlighted the company’s mantra of never pressuring potential customers as a vital aspect of Green Convergence. The Santa Clarita based company encourages its clients to speak with other solar installers because they are confident of offering the best solar options.

As the SCV Signal states, Green Convergence is an elite dealer of SunPower solar panels—the most efficient and reliable solar panels available. These SunPower panels generate the most electricity of any solar panel, which saves you even more money on your electric bill compared to other solar panels.

Furthermore, Green Convergence recently became the first SunPower branded dealer in the world, an honor bestowed as a testament to unparalleled customer satisfaction and successful installations. When Green Convergence installations are compared side by side with those of other solar installers, the difference is readily apparent, as the Signal article notes.

Green Convergence also utilizes the most aesthetically pleasing panels in the world—featuring an all-black design with no grid lines. These elegant panels fit in seamlessly on almost any roof (unlike cheap Chinese panels used by other solar installers). Homes that choose Green Convergence as their solar installer enjoy beautiful installations that fit in unobtrusively on their rooftops. In addition, SunPower panels are backed by a 25-year warranty, which is the best in the solar industry.

The reassuring article in the SCV Signal confirms Green Convergence’s supreme standing as Santa Clarita’s best solar installer. The article follows previous awards given to Green Convergence as the Best Solar Installers in Santa Clarita in 2011 and 2012 and Best Roofers in Santa Clarita in 2012.

If you want to drastically lower your electric bill or eliminate it all together and protect yourself from rising utility energy costs, then call Green Convergence today. Green Convergence will give you a free quote and never pressure you to commit.


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