April 25, 2013

Solar is a Better Investment Than a Car and it Creates Jobs

Solar is a better investment than buying a car or renovating a house according to a survey conducted in New England. 7 out of 10 homeowners agreed that investing in solar power was more cost-effective and beneficial than purchasing a car or paying for property renovation. New England homeowners cited the fact that solar actually reduces your monthly expenses whereas buying a car or renovating your home increases monthly expenses. In addition to the immediate ROI of reduced electricity costs, solar-owners noted that solar systems immediately increase the value of your home.

Overall, 70% percent of homeowners chose solar power as the best investment, while 29% said home renovations and only 1 meager percent chose a car. In fact, 95% of all solar owners are happy with their systems—an incredibly high approval rate, especially for such a new product. The value of solar power is even higher in California, where we enjoy many more days of sun than New England.

Investing in solar also creates jobs and boosts our state and national economy. Across the United States in 2012, the solar industry employed almost 120,000 Americans, which was a 13% increase from 2011. In California alone, there are currently 43,700 solar jobs, which is more than the number of actors employed in the state. The Solar industry looks forward to steady job growth over the next few years as it puts more Americans back to work.

Solar job creation also compares favorably to that of other energy sources. The solar industry creates 14 jobs per every $1 million invested, which is double the same investment in coal (which creates 7 jobs), and almost three times the number of jobs created by natural gas (5 jobs). Solar energy investments also create one more job than wind energy per $1 million invested. Simply put, solar is a fantastic investment for your family’s financial savings, your local community’s employment rate, and the national economy.


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