March 27, 2020

Solar Is A Cost Saver Not An Expense Paying For Solar

“I’m not in a position to spend any money right now.” Homeowners are justifiably worried about bringing on any added expenses at this time of uncertainty. The effects of COVID 19 virus on the economy are still unknown. With families cutting household costs, why bring on an extra bill to pay? Because you are already paying it.

Electricity bills are landing in the mail every month. That’s an expense already in a family’s budget, and it isn’t going away. On the contrary, it’s probably going to increase. Utility rates have been trending upward for years, and there’s no reason to expect anything different for years to come.

The solution is adding solar with easy, low-interest solar financing. With a financed system, an average homeowner can put solar on their home, for no money down, and pay less each month for the system than they would have paid to the utility.

Let’s look at an example. Terry writes a check to a utility company each month averaging $300. Terry finances a rooftop solar array for a monthly payment of $220 per month. Terry is saving around $1,000 per year on a bill that was already in the family budget. Everyone’s home, electrical usage and utility rates vary, but Terry found a reputable, experienced solar dealer who right-sized the system and clearly explained the best financing options, available rebates and tax incentives. So Terry is now writing a smaller check each month.

It gets better. Without solar, Terry’s monthly bill is likely to increase to around $360 in five years. You know what Terry will pay each month for the financed solar system? The same $220. As utility rates increase, Terry’s monthly electric costs are frozen at that amount until the system is paid off. A solar financing calculator can tell Terry how much money will be saved over the long haul.


So why pay each year to have electricity produced from a dirty plant, inefficiently sent across miles of high-voltage wire, and piped at a huge markup into your home? What if you could generate your home’s electricity needs directly from your roof top? To reiterate – electricity is already a cost for families. Solar loans for homeowners are a smarter way to pay.

Green Convergence is happy have an expert solar consultant evaluate your home, design the best system, and provide finance options for every family, including tax incentives and cash back rebates. In this era of COVID 19 quarantine, we can provide all this information in detail over the phone or in an online meeting, handle permitting, planning, installation and inspection, all within accepted federal, state and local guidelines. Ask us today how we can help you lower your monthly bills and clearly explain solar panel loans and other financing.


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