August 5, 2013

Solar is taking notice to the rapid growth of online retailing

As new technology allows companies to shift responsibilities into the hands of Internet resources, the costs of acquiring potential customers has seen a steep decline. Solar installers no longer are required to visit every prospective customer’s homes; the process can now be almost completely automated.

Streamlining the sales routine will not only encourage new orders, but will also drive down costs. A recent Bloomberg article estimates the prices of solar panels have plunged 39 percent in the past two years, down to about 84 cents a watt in July from $2.10 in November 2010. These savings are directly passed onto new customers, who are taking advantage of a changing market.

Green Convergence through its new solar design Center is helping to farther streamline the sales process to directly help drive down costs for customers. Since no two installations are alike, the cost of installation is determined by many factors such as roof face, electrical usage, rebates, etc. However our residential solar estimates are completely free as well as a complementary energy evaluation to identify ways that you can reduce your energy usage. That way we can install a smaller, more cost-effective system perfectly customized for every customer.

Simply put, this shift into new technology allows us to pass savings along to our customers. See how much you could save from our free quote!


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