August 1, 2012

Solar Panel breaks Guinness World Record

Green Convergence is the only Elite SunPower Dealer in the Santa Clarita Valley. SunPower has dominated the photovoltaic market for over a quarter century. Their panels have always produced more power per watt than any other manufacturer on earth. This allows Green Convergence to install systems that produce more kW/h per square foot then all of our competitors. Sun Power has just broken their own efficiency record with the introduction of their 96-cell E20 commercial panel.

The SunPower E20 Series panel has a 333-watt and 327-watt option and achieves an overall panel efficiency of up to 20%. The first E20 panels were developed for the Department of Energy under the Solar American Initiative and all resulting efficiency claims have been tested and confirmed by their National Renewable Energy Lab. The panels are currently being installed in Europe and will be available in America in the next few months.


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