April 30, 2013

Green Convergence Solar Systems Are Overproducing-and Homeowner's Are Reaping the Benefits

The summer months are fast approaching, and with them comes more sunshine and more solar energy. As of mid-April, Green Convergence had installed 101 leased solar systems (along with many other purchased and loaned systems), and 68 of these solar systems are overproducing their estimated energy output. Because of the immense sunlight we have enjoyed around Santa Clarita this spring, the entire fleet of 101 solar systems has averaged 134.9% of expected output between May 9th and April 9th.

One customer’s system yielded an incredible 174.2% of expected energy in the mid-May to mid-April timeframe, meaning their family is gaining 74% more energy than originally predicted! This is a fantastic benefit above and beyond the energy output estimation because Green Convergence lets you keep all of the energy credits gained from overproduction and will never charge you more for this energy. These energy credits can then be redeemed at night, to continue to provide your home and family with reliable energy when the sun is not shining.

While other solar installers redistribute this excess energy and only allow you to keep the amount expected, Green Convergence guarantees that overproduction benefits you. Green Convergence solar systems are overproducing at incredible rates so don’t miss this added bonus in energy production during the sunny summer months!


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