March 31, 2016

SunPower and Owens Corning: Partners to GC. Partners to the Environment.

If you are planning to go solar, you’ve probably been exploring all your installation options. You may have already compared various installation companies based on price. But you may not have considered comparing the quality of the materials each installer uses to create solar energy systems. Each installation company uses a variety of different materials and depending on the installer you choose, the materials on your roof can range from durable and eco-friendly to dingy and delicate.

The team at Green Convergence believes it is our job, first and foremost, to save our customers money while reducing our industry’s strain on the environment. That’s why, with the help of our partners at SunPower and Owens Corning, Green Convergence exclusively uses the most durable, efficient and eco-friendly solar installation products on the market.

What’s so special about SunPower?

Boasting panels with efficiencies up to 21.5% and a 25-year warranty, SunPower dominates the competition, while still maintaining an ethical approach to solar panel manufacturing. Many of their factories have been awarded Cradle to Cradle certification. This means the SunPower team holds itself to strict standards, guaranteeing their facilities have a low impact on the environment.

What’s so special about Owens Corning?

Owens Corning, the premier building, insulation and roofing material provider, has been working with Green Convergence from the beginning. Their materials, such as the 50-year warrantied Owens Corning shingles, keep our customer’s roofs and their investment in solar safe. Like Green Convergence, Owens Corning believes in quality and constant improvement. Those are two of the many reasons, Owens Corning recently introduced its Environmental Product Declaration (EDP).

What is an Environmental Product Declaration?

The first of its kind, the EPD is an “independently-verified document that gives the reader transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products” used to build your home or roof (1). This means that customers will know exactly where every bit of their Owens Corning Products comes from, including where materials were gathered and where the products were assembled.

Each product now comes with a detailed report, including information about that product’s impact on “ global warming, ozone depletion, water pollution, ozone creation and greenhouse gas emissions” (1). Owens Corning says that the EPD is part of the general shift towards their goal of becoming a “net-positive” impact company.

Why are these EPDs so important to GC?

EPDs create transparency, and transparency is good for builders and customers alike. Green Convergence wants to make going solar simpler, sleeker and safer with every installation. It’s easier to reach that goal when you work with people who also value transparency, durability and environmental accountability. This is why we’ve chosen SunPower and Owens Corning as our partners. And, we think they would be a great fit for your home or business too.

So if you searching for solar, give Green Convergence a call today. One of our expert Solar Consultants will help you find out if SunPower solar and Owens Corning are right for you.



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