July 20, 2015

SunPower Plus Storage is Unbeatable

Solar is a great way for many home and business owners to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. With the power of the most efficient and longest-lasting solar panels available, SunPower, many of your Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County neighbors have cancelled out their rising electric bills and have switched to a low-fixed payment. One thing solar alone cannot protect you from is a power outage.

Solar panels can only power your home as long as the sun is hitting them. Typically, many solar residences are connected to grid, giving households energy in the evening hours. So once the sun goes down, if the power goes out, your home will be dark. To use the energy captured during the day, your home must be equipped with a storage system for the excess energy generated during the day. But SunPower, in partnership with Meritage Homes and SunVerge energy, is going to change that—one community at a time.

Solar Panels

In Hayward, California, SunPower and Meritage Homes are adding solar energy and storage systems to a “42-home” community called “Pinnacles at Stonebrae” (1). The SunPower panels will provide attractive and affordable power to families, day or night, grid up or grid down. Sunverge Solar Integration System (SIS) “combines batteries, power electronics, and multiple energy inputs in a UL-certified appliance controlled by software running in the cloud”, giving each system a place to store excess energy until it’s needed (2).

If this development goes well, SunPower, Meritage Homes and other construction companies might adopt similar models. This will not only enhance the efficiency of each home with the combination of a SunPower solar energy system and a Sunverge storage system, but it will also take a lot of strain off of our aging electric grid. The success of storage for solar energy in individual households might also inspire your local utility company to switch from traditional power sources of electricity, such as coal and natural gas, to solar, lowering prices and the amount of pollution in the air for everyone.

With SunPower as a frontrunner, the solar industry is offering Santa Clarita and the world new and exciting ways to power their homes and empower themselves. Regain your power today with residential and commercial solar from SunPower solar panels installed by Green Convergence.







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