April 23, 2013

SunPower Releases New Panels, Record Breaking Efficiency

In early April, SunPower announced the release of a new panel line called the X-Series, which has the potential to change the entire complexion of the solar industry. The X-Series includes two brand new, ultra-efficient panels aptly named the X21-335 and the X21-345 because of their 21+% efficiency. The X21-335 is all black while the X21-345 looks more conventional, but maintains a classy aesthetic. These new additions to SunPower are now the most efficient and best energy producing panels on the market and will likely lead to lesser panels becoming obsolete in the near future.

The new X-Series SunPower panels operate at a record-breaking 21.5% efficiency, which is markedly more efficient than the average solar panels that yield merely 15% efficiencies. This incredible difference helps these SunPower panels produce 44% more power than most other panels, which equates to 75% more energy per square foot of roof space over the first 25 years. These record-breaking numbers for energy-production have been verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which has conducted thorough third party testing on the new panels. The immense energy yield of the SunPower X-Series also allows homes of all shapes and sizes to optimize their roof space and subsequently produce more energy in less space.

In addition to vastly superior efficiency and energy production, SunPower X21 panels are more reliable and longer lasting than any other panel available. With a firm copper foundation, SunPower X-Series panels degrade a mere .25% per year, which compares favorably to most other panels that degrade a full 1% per year. This reliability and longevity allow SunPower X21 panels to produce even more comparative energy after 20/25 years than other commercial panels. Backed by SunPower’s industry leading 25-year warranty, the new X-series panels will likely become the most installed panels across the globe within a few short years.

With the release of these new panels, SunPower has also improved upon its own all-black aesthetic design to create a panel that is comprehensively free from grid lines and appears entirely black, even from close-range viewing. Overall, the all-black X21-335 panels blend in seamlessly with any rooftop, produce superior power to other panels and are still as affordable as other SunPower panels.

To accompany the release of their new X-Series panels, SunPower has also developed new savings and incentive programs. Cash purchases for the new panels offer an instant rebate and can ultimately be the most cost-effective option compared to leases or loans. However, competitive leasing and loaning options are still available for the new panels and can help you install solar for $0 down with low monthly payments. Every financing option offers immense financial savings for your home and family compared to current utility rates as well as higher overall savings than other, less efficient solar panels.

SunPower’s X-Series panels are currently available for purchase throughout the United States for residential and commercial buildings and will be available in Europe in late April or early May. Call your local Santa Clarita dealer, Green Convergence, to discover the immense cash savings available with these new solar panels.


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