April 23, 2013

SunPower Solar Systems Are the Best Available

SunPower Solar Systems are the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing available in the world today. Not only does SunPower manufacture their entire system—from the panels to the inverters to the monitoring system—but they also guarantee the performance of each and every one of their products with industry-leading warranties.

SunPower is an innovative American company located in Northern California, which set the Guinness World Record for most efficient solar panel (commercially available) in 2011. SunPower utilizes panels that operate at over 21% efficiency and are vastly superior to those produced by every other manufacture. In fact, the second most efficient solar panel operates at just above 17% efficiency, which is a remarkable difference when compared to SunPower panels.

The supreme quality of SunPower panels equates to 9.1% more energy production during the panel’s lifetime compared to other panels. In comparison with their competitors, SunPower solar systems are the most efficient in any climate or weather conditions—cold weather, hot weather, humidity, snow, rain, fog, hail storms and hurricane-grade windstorms.

Every single SunPower solar panel is subjected to third party testing to ensure the highest quality possible. These panels are extensively tested further by in-company experts as well. Because of this immense reliability and efficiency, SunPower can ensure the quality of its solar system products with a 25-year warranty for its panels and a 10-year warranty for its inverters. These are the longest-lasting and optimum warranties in the solar industry.

The power generation of SunPower solar systems is truly unmatched by any of its competitors. The quality, efficiency, and reliability of SunPower solar systems make them the most trusted in the United States and around the globe. Because of this excellence, SunPower solar systems are the most widely used for residential solar installations in the world. SunPower solar systems are also trusted to meet the energy demands of the most important national defense branches like the US Air Force, and leading American companies like Wal-Mart and FedEx.

The vast superiority of SunPower solar systems guarantees homeowners optimal financial savings on electricity bills. The sleek all-black design of SunPower panels also offers superior aesthetics compared to any other solar panels. In addition, SunPower solar systems significantly increase the value of your home. If ever you decide to resell your home, you can expect the total resale value to increase by approximately $5,500 per kilowatt installed. If you have a solar system producing 7.4 kW for example, your home will be worth about $40,700 more than its original value.

SunPower solar systems are safe, low-risk investments that accordingly have many financing options available. This host of financing options consequently makes SunPower solar systems affordable for everyone. Whether you wish to purchase your system outright, get a loan to purchase your system, or simply lease the system for $0 down (with the option of purchasing it in the future), SunPower allows you to choose the best option to fit your electricity and financial needs. There is truly no viable reason or excuse to not implement a SunPower solar system and start saving money on your monthly electric bill today.


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