June 8, 2016

SunPower to Install New Microgrid at Alabama Army Post

The American military is often touted as the most advanced in the world. It is often reported that we have the best training, the best weaponry, and by far, the best and bravest fighters within our ranks. But do we have the best power?

We aren’t talking about political power here. We are talking about fuel. The stuff that keeps the lights on and the trucks rolling. According to the American Council on Renewable Energy, the Department of Defense is the largest consumer of energy in the United States (1).

This means they have the highest demand for fossil fuels in the country; and many see this as a huge problem. Where our military gets their energy is not only a question of sustainability, it’s a question of safety.

Many of the major proprietors of oil and natural gas around the globe are our widely-known as our political and ideological enemies. That means it is of utmost importance that our military seek and secure alternative sources of power that can be produced within our own borders at a competitive cost. This is where SunPower solar comes into play.

The San Jose-based company, known for its American-designed and record-shattering solar panels, recently announced a deal with the Redstone Arsenal U.S. Army Post (2). The proposed project will bring a 10 megaWatt SunPower microgrid to the Alabama base and construction is set to start this month (3, 5).

What is a microgrid?

SunPower plans to install a completely autonomous local energy grid that will only provide power for the restricted area. It is considered a “microgrid” because of the system’s small size and limited reach (4). This type of system is growing in popularity because they ensure energy security, protecting vital facilities from cyberattacks, storms and other potential threats (3).

How is the project being paid for?

SunPower and the army’s deal is contracted to be a 27-year Power Purchase Agreement (3). This means SunPower charges the Redstone Post a low and sustainable rate for building and maintaining the microgrid. It will provide one hundred percent of the facility’s energy needs. This ensures lower costs for the army, ensuring less of your tax dollars are used to pay off big utility companies.

Why did the military choose SunPower solar?

There are many different solar manufacturers out there. But there are many more reasons SunPower solar panels and installations are preferred by Redstone Arsenal officials and government agencies all over the United States.

SunPower panels are the most powerful panels available. They generate seventy percent more energy than conventional panels over a 25-year period and have the longest-lasting panel warranty on the market.

They are also always installed by highly-trained and well-vetted industry professionals. In order to install SunPower panels, individual installation companies must apply with SunPower and pass rigorous inspections to ensure consistent high quality installations.

With these facts in mind, it is no wonder that the world’s best military has chosen to make the switch to clean, affordable solar energy with our partner, SunPower. So if you are thinking about going solar this summer, consider SunPower and choose the installers you can trust here at Green Convergence.


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