July 11, 2016

SunPower Up Program shines a light toward California’s future

The real estate market is changing in California. As the price of energy goes up as well as the average temperature, it has become increasingly important to prospective homebuyers that the homes they buy have energy-saving features that come standard. These are the main reasons California lawmakers have passed and continued to amend Title 24 for the last three decades (1).

What is Title 24?

First passed in 1978, Title 24 is meant to set regulations to improve energy efficiency in new or altered homes and buildings in the Golden State (3). Recent amendments to Title 24 require every new home to be built to “net-zero energy standards by 2020”, cementing solar energy’s importance to California builders and homeowners alike (1).

With this in mind, SunPower Corp. announced the launch of its new SunPower Up™ program at PCBC last month. SunPower’s presence at PCBC, the largest trade show for West Coast home builders, highlights their dedication to this new initiative that would make their one-of-a-kind solar Equinox technology available to the top homebuilders in the country during the construction process (1).

Each SunPower Equinox system promises “70 percent more energy over 25 years with 70 percent fewer parts” than the other leading panel brands (1). In this way, SunPower’s program can cut costs for future homebuyers while helping builders comply with California’s strict codes. And, because of their unique, low-profile solar panel design, SunPower can do all of this while maintaining each new home’s curb appeal.

This kind of industry-leading initiative is nothing new for SunPower and their home building affiliates. Since 2011, California homebuilding king, KB Home has been building homes equipped with SunPower’s signature solar panels that comply with Title 24. Always forward thinking, SunPower has also renewed their commitment to California’s New Solar Homes Partnership program (2).

What is New Solar Homes Partnership?

It is a California program that supplies home builders with monetary incentives and increased support for utilizing solar to build energy efficient homes. Although, it is set to expire June 1st, 2018, the program promises that California homebuyers are protected from rising energy costs in the future (4).

But SunPower solar’s reach goes beyond California. All across the country, top homebuilders are choosing to build more efficient homes with the help of SunPower’s superior solar panels.


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