May 5, 2015

SunPower's 30th Anniversary: Santa Clarita's Top-Choice in Solar Panels

Our dedicated Santa Clarita Green Blog followers know that here at Green Convergence, we exclusively install SunPower brand solar panels. We are one of their few and proud Master Dealers. The Master Dealer title is the highest distinction a solar provider can receive from SunPower.

But why? Why did we choose to partner up with SunPower?

Well, in honor of their recent 30th anniversary, we want to share the details of our decision to partner with SunPower with you. Many economists and investors doubted SunPower could make it as a company because of the higher costs associated with their higher quality products. But they have proven time and again that they are at the top of the solar industry, bringing in “246 million” last year alone in net income (1).

Unlike the majority of the competition, SunPower is an American solar company, based out of San Jose, California. Most other solar panel manufacturers are based and built solely in China and Korea, where labor is disturbingly cheap, making it harder for SunPower to compete on cost. But one of SunPower’s secrets for sustaining its own success is the unbeatable quality of its technology.

SunPower consistently creates “the most efficient silicon solar modules through its own technologies designed to absorb reflected light or reduce the manufacturing or materials cost of cells” (1). Other solar panel manufacturing companies do not focus as much on increasing the efficiency of their panels as they do on making the products as cheaply as possible. The quality of the SunPower product makes it a better investment long-term as a SunPower system will last longer and work harder than any other residential solar energy system available.

The other secret to SunPower’s success is their fearlessness in product innovation and brand diversification. Over the years, SunPower has “experimented [with] concentrators, all-in-one solar panels, trackers systems and robots for managing utility-scale plants” (1). Not all of these projects have been successful, but it has helped SunPower develop and improve more of the best products in the industry.

We love being an exclusive SunPower dealer because we share their values of providing the best of the best in the solar industry.



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