March 10, 2020

Tesla’s Powerwall Battery Transforms Your Solar Power Solution

Southern California’s Premier Tesla Powerwall Installer Optimizes Your Energy Efficiency

As solar becomes the go-to energy option throughout Encino and greater Los Angeles CA, homeowners are looking to solar battery solutions like Tesla Powerwall to optimize their systems. Most homes primarily use power when solar energy is not readily available. Energy storage allows homeowners to use energy their rooftop solar generates, even after the sun goes down.

Tesla’s Powerwall is one of the most efficient solar power batteries available, but it takes a certified dealer to take advantage of all its features. As you read this blog, you’ll learn why this battery is so vital to your solar power and how a professional Tesla Powerwall installer like Green Convergence ensures you get an efficient, clean and reliable system.

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Why Choose Tesla Powerwall

Creating a sustainable energy ecosystem has been Tesla's primary mission since launching in 2008. While their electric cars take much of the publicity, the company is also dedicated to cutting-edge solar energy solutions. How does Tesla’s Powerwall enhance solar functionality and reduce energy costs? Essentially, the Tesla Powerwall is all about turning solar into an all-day, all-situation resource. With a battery linked to your solar, you become a self-powered home.

Most solar panels will produce more energy during the day than your home usually needs, especially if you’re spending your time at work or school. The Powerwall will store any excess energy so you can use it at a later time. Even when solar power is not available, you’re able to harness it on demand.

Not only does the Powerwall mean more efficient day-to-day energy use, but it’s also a vital tool during a power outage. The Powerwall can detect an outage and immediately take you off the grid and supply your home with battery power, often before you even realize it went out. Optimized with the proper installation, the Powerwall can keep your home running for several days after an outage.

Why Choose Green Convergence

Enjoying your Tesla Powerwall’s aesthetic and pragmatic benefits requires a certified installer with experience both in solar power and electrical contracting. Not only do we offer a professional approach, but we meet with all our clients extensively to provide a solution uniquely primed to them.

Efficient and clean wiring is essential to your system, and our team has the expertise needed for a reliable, beautiful Powerwall installation. Explore some of our past work in our image gallery to see for yourself.

Crafting a reliable solar battery solution for outages also requires the design of protected load panels. Every time the power goes out, your solar battery will only send energy to essential items wired to your protected load panel, including your refrigerator or medical devices. Otherwise, you risk running out of energy within a few hours.

Design and installation (as well as acquiring the necessary permits) are at the heart of our roles as Tesla Powerwall installers, but our services don’t end there. We also offer many financing options to ensure solar solutions are accessible to all types of families.

Let Green Convergence help you unleash the true potential of solar power in your home. To get started, set up a consultation with our team by calling 661-491-5111, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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