May 26, 2015

Solar: The Answer to Santa Clarita's Future Problems Today

A new MIT study suggests that today’s solar technology is advanced enough to power the entire nation. This is great news for those hoping to go solar soon and those who have recently made the switch to solar. But, more importantly, this MIT study addresses one of the most common concerns that keeps many Santa Clarita citizens from going solar.

The Future of Solar Energy An Interdisciplinary MIT Study

But we’ll get to that later! First, for those Santa Clarita citizens who have not made the switch to solar, for any reason, we want you to know that the Green Convergence team understands.

Solar is a big change and a big investment. We believe it is a great, money-saving solution for most, but not all. Every home is different and every customer’s energy needs vary.

That is why we also understand there are a lot of questions you need to investigate before signing a solar contract. To start, you must find out if your roof

has adequate space for the amount of solar panels you need to save money. You must also discover if your roof has adequate sun exposure and you must decide which solar panel brand and installer are best for you.

We at Green Convergence are always happy to help Santa Clarita community members find the solar answers they seek, whether or not they go solar with us. It’s easy for us to answer all of the aforementioned questions as they are based upon tangible facts. But, until recently, one major customer concern and frequently asked question was harder to answer with certainty—will today’s solar technology be relevant in the next 10-20 years?

Solar skeptics often express their fear that a new and better alternative energy solution will come out in the next five or ten years, rendering any potential investment in a solar energy system for their home or business useless. This is a valid concern, especially in a world where technology evolves so quickly that our cell phones and computers become obsolete seemingly every Christmas season (Thanks, Apple…).

Solar Roof Panels

But MIT’s recent study on solar technology clearly states:

"The crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology of today will remain viable and relevant in the future. While further research may improve solar panel efficiency, we have all the tools we need right now to supply all of the world’s energy needs (1)."

So whether you’ve gone solar already or are considering going solar in the future, know that your investment in solar is a safe, smart and sustainable one.



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