February 7, 2020

Why Choose Green Convergence for Your Solar Power Installation?

A Trusted Leader in Durable, Powerful and Clean Solar Power Installations for Unique Santa Clarita Homes

There are many reasons homeowners go solar. Beyond cutting energy costs, a solar power installation can help reduce your carbon footprint, protect against rising utility prices, and increase your property value. However, reaping the benefits of going solar depends greatly on the installer you choose.

Our team at Green Convergence is proud to have the best credentials of any solar provider in Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles, CA. Though we are locally owned and operated, we have been named the world’s first Master Dealer by SunPower due to the outstanding skills of our team members and quality of our installations. Read on for a few more notable ways we stand above the competition.

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We Care About Aesthetics

A solar power installation shouldn’t take away from the beauty of your property. At Green Convergence, we care not just about the functionality of your solar panels but also the installation design atop your roof. With seasoned expertise in roofing and electricity under our belts, we can install your solar panels in an aesthetically pleasing way that won’t detract from your property.

Poor solar power installations typically have gaps in panel placement, no vent pipe relocation, exposed conduit and electrical wiring, and high-profile or over-tile mounting. Our expert installers relocate vent pipes to avoid unattractive checkerboard patterns, run conduit through the attic instead of on the roof, and mount your solar panels low for a sleek, finished look.

See for yourself!

We Work with Complicated Roof Types

Our commitment to artful solar power installations isn’t limited to roof types. In fact, we use professional techniques and practices to install solar for homes with virtually any roof type, from Spanish tile roofs, standing seam metal roofs, flat roofs, and more.

Because we are also licensed roofing contractors, we understand the importance of having a quality roof under your solar system. That’s why we only use 50-year warrantied Owens Corning shingles for underneath your solar panels, which offer peace of mind that your home is protected from roof leaks and that your solar system is supported by a roof that will last as long as the system itself.

We Tackle Every Project Step In-House

When a solar company sells you panels, they usually hire third-party contractors to tackle the installation process. Unfortunately, outsourcing can often lead to a poor-quality design, a leaky roof, and a hard-to-enforce warranty.

When you work with Green Convergence, you can rest assured that every step of the project is executed by our team and our team alone. We handle all the efforts in-house, including installation, without the need for outside contractors so you always know who is working on your solar system.

By omitting third-party contractors, our projects are smoother, quicker, and more streamlined. We work hard to eliminate the stress of unwanted delays, additional costs, and poorly executed installations because we put your trust and satisfaction first.

We aren’t just solar experts. We’re roofing and electrical experts, too. When you partner with Green Convergence, you can trust us to install your solar system in a way that’s best for your home. Go solar with Green Convergence! To learn how to get started, contact us at (661) 491-5111 or fill out our online contact form.


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