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Our expertise extends to smart solutions to store the excess energy your solar system generates and make it available when you need it. So, you can continue to benefit from the sun at night and when electricity rates spike, while protecting your power source if the grid goes down.

Tesla Powerwall Certified InstallersonnenBatterie Certified Partner

Having a solid storage system gives you another key advantage: the opportunity to arbitrage and sell any excess energy you produce back to the utility. Installing a solar-and-storage system for optimum usage takes engineering and electrical expertise, certifications, and knowledge of best practices.

Green Convergence is an authorized dealer and installer for a variety of high-end storage solutions. We can connect you with the best integrated system for your energy-saving goals.

Tesla PowerwallTesla Powerwall

Battery Backup For Today

In the moments immediately following a power outage, homeowners are often left seeking a trusted source of energy and solar systems alone will not work without backup power. By adding a battery storage to your home, you keep your solar running and the lights on when the grid goes offline - giving you greater peace of mind and true resiliency. With battery backup solutions like Tesla Powerwall, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the grid to come back. You can be confident that the backup energy you’re using is still sustainable, renewable, and efficient.

Solar Battery BackupSolar Backup Battery

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