July 18, 2016

8 Great Reasons to Go Solar (beyond Saving Money)

Our team can give you a million reasons to consider going solar—the most important being how much money you can save on your electric bills each month. But some people need more than just monthly savings to sell them on making the switch, so we’ve compiled a list of the most compelling reasons you and your business should go solar with Green Convergence.

  1. One hour of sunlight packs a huge punch. The sun delivers more energy to the earth in one hour than the entire population of the world uses in a year. So, why waste all that potential energy? SunPower solar panels can help you and your business harvest every hour of sunlight and make it work for your wallet. (1)
  2. The earth receives big power per square meter. The world gets 1,366 Watts of solar radiation per square meter. That means SunPower solar panels on your roof can collect more than enough energy to power your home cheaply and efficiently. (1)
  3. Solar cuts costs and CO2 emissions. Solar offsets 890,000 metric tons of emissions each year. So you drive your car and your kids cross country guilt-free with SunPower panels on your roof. If you have an electric vehicle, your panels might even be able to fuel up your car! (1)
  4. Some panels today produce 60% more! Over a 25-year period, SunPower panels produce 60% more energy than other conventional panels brands. (1)
  5. Some panels last for 40-plus years. SunPower panels have the staying power to work for forty years and beyond, leaving conventional panels in the dust. (1)
  6. The extended solar investment tax credit saves solar home and business owners money. The solar investment tax credit or ITC gives solar homeowners 30% off at tax time. So solar not only saves you money monthly on your energy bills, but it also saves you big before April 15th every year. (1)
  7. Solar can increase the value of your home. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “each additional $1 in energy bill savings” provided by solar power adds about “$20 to your home’s total value”. (2) That means when you save big with solar, you’re also earning big bucks in home resale value.
  8. Solar lets you run your AC guilt-free. When you go solar, your panels generate electricity as long as the sun is out and luckily for everyone, that’s exactly when you will need to blast the AC the most. So really the secret to staying cool this scorching summer is solar power.

The SunPower solar team wants to keep our community involved in and informed about the solar market. We hope that this list helps pique your interest in SunPower solar and will help you make the decision about whether solar is right for you and your budget.

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