May 7, 2020

Become Energy Independent with a Solar Storage System

Solar Power Backup Dramatically Reduces Your Reliance on the Power Grid.

Want to have ultimate power? When you install a solar storage system in your home in Thousand Oaks, CA, you’ll be able to rely on power from solar batteries even when the grid goes out. Solar power backup systems, like the Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen Batterie, reduce your carbon footprint as well as your electric bill. These batteries, which are integrated into a solar panel system, also allow you to sell excess energy back to the utility company. Read more to find out why solar storage backup is a dependable way to store and save energy.

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What to Do When the Power Goes Out

It happens. You’re watching a show, cooking in the kitchen, or having dinner together as a family. Then, the power goes out! It really puts your evening plans in the dark. Let’s cast some new light on the problem. With a solar storage system, you’ll never need to worry about power outages – whether it lasts an hour, several hours, or several days. Today’s solar backup systems are powerful devices that provide electricity to your entire home for an extended period.

Here’s how it works: Your solar panels capture energy from the sun. Because they produce more energy during the day than your home uses, the excess energy is stored in the solar batteries. Then, it is available on-demand in the evening, in emergencies, or when you want to sell it back to the utility company.

Immediate Power Before You Know It

No need to crank up the generator. It’s not only noisy, but it uses fossil fuels that create harmful emissions. Instead, a solar storage system is not only silent and safe for the environment, but it responds immediately when there is a power interruption. In fact, you probably won’t notice a problem. In a fraction of a second, devices like the Tesla Powerwall will detect an outage, disconnect from the grid, and automatically restore power to your building.

Even during battery usage, your home will continue to use energy from the solar panels – with excess energy being routed to the solar storage cells. It’s almost like you have your own power plant!

Save Energy and Save Money

Lately, more and more people are spending time indoors. Even though it has its benefits – enjoying time with loved ones, catching up on your favorite shows, finishing projects, and even working in your pajamas – you’ll also end up using more electricity. As more energy is used, the costlier it becomes. Why worry about it? With a solar panel system and solar backup, the problem is completely solved. You’ll save energy and save money without worrying about a rising electric bill. And don’t forget about rebates and incentives like California’s SGIP program that greatly reduces the cost of installation.

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