March 3, 2020

Do You Know How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Storage System?

A Professional Installation from Green Convergence Helps You Reap All the Benefits

New building codes, growing climate change concerns and unreliable power grids are motivating homeowners in Calabasas and throughout California to embrace solar storage systems. Designed to optimize your energy use while protecting you from blackouts and peak energy costs, these are an ideal addition for eco-conscious households.

Solar storage systems, however, vary widely in quality and reliability, depending on the company installing them. Each year new installers are looking to latch on to this emerging trend, but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified to deal with these complex solutions.

Very few companies bring the expertise and experience that Green Convergence does, with more than 30 years of roofing and electrical experience and highly trained solar experts. Educating our clients on the best solutions for their space and the ideal installation techniques is a big part of our role.

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Why Go with a sonnenBatterie Solution

No solar storage system is as reliable or robust as sonnenBatterie. Its primary mission is to create clean and affordable energy by using energy collected during the day at night and whenever the grid goes down. You’ll be able to optimize and manage your energy usage through long-lasting battery technology that comes with a 10-year warranty.

sonnenBatterie works in the following way: energy collected by solar panels is converted to DC electricity, then a solar inverter turns that DC electricity into AC electricity for your home. This electricity travels via your electrical panel to reach individual devices. Excess energy is converted back to DC and placed in battery modules.

Not only does this mean you can harvest energy during the day, but it also means a lower carbon footprint and increased energy efficiency. You will also be prepared during any power outage as your sonnenBatterie immediately switches you over to battery power for vital devices.

Why Go with Green Convergence for Install

Setting up the panels, inverters, breaker boxes and meters for these batteries is no easy task. An inexperienced installer not only will keep you from having an efficient system but can easily cause problems for your home as well. Rely on professionals like Green Convergence instead for the best results.

Solar storage systems are not one-size-fits-all solutions. A reason to go with a professional is to ensure they’re right-sizing the system for your home. No project should begin without a one-on-one consultation to gauge your energy needs and address your concerns.

During this process, we'll asses your roof to evaluate the ideal specifications for panels and wiring. We'll design a protected load panel that connects to your sonnenBatterie, so it's easy to choose the essentials you want to run during an outage. In case of an outage, the load panel will only designate a few circuits to stay running, including those connected to your refrigerator, medical devices or vital lighting fixtures.

Having a professional execute these designs is just as important. Our experienced technicians know the best way to correctly wire the system for ultimate performance and reliability, all while crafting a clean installation that keeps wires hidden from view.

Experience the best in solar storage systems by partnering with Green Convergence for your energy needs. Do you want to get started with a pressure-free consultation with our team? All you have to do is give us a call at (661) 491-5111, fill out our contact form or chat with a customer service rep below.


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