April 27, 2020

Don’t Make These Mistakes During a Solar Setup

Avoid making common mistakes that will derail your system performance

While transitioning to solar power has a high return on investment since it saves on energy down the line, it can be daunting to take the first step in the setup process. Consulting a professional solar expert can ease any worries that you have and give you clarity on the installation process. It can also help you avoid common mistakes that people make when transitioning. Learn what mistakes you need to avoid when installing a solar setup, such as attempting an off-grid solar setup in Encino, CA.

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Going Off the Grid

There is a lot of confusion on the difference between on and off-grid solar systems, and it is essential that you know the difference to avoid costly mistakes. With many California homes weary of relying on the state’s unreliable electrical grid, some may seek out solar installations completely separate from local utilities. This type of off-grid solar power system is not allowed in most municipalities, and not workable form a technical standpoint either. Obviously, the solar panels don’t generate electricity at night, so for a house to be fully functional at all hours, off-grid would require battery storage capabilities beyond what most models are capable of.

All solar panels in the Los Angeles area must be authorized by local utilities to operate and are required to connect to the power grid. Instead, when looking for some independence from the power grid, most homeowners seek out an on-grid solar system with battery backup. These systems are connected to the power grid and designed to save you money on utility costs by taking excess power and storing it for later use when the energy rates are more expensive. You will also be able to use that excess energy to power essential devices during an outage. The size of many home batteries is plenty for this kind of intermittent usage when paired with solar and tied to the utility grid.

Not Planning Ahead

Solar setups have extended warranties and will likely remain for the remainder of the time you live in your home. You need to think ahead about what your needs will be. Will you have kids or expand your house? These would lead to an increase in energy use. If you need to expand your solar setup, do you have room on your roof or property to do so? You can't just add more solar panels; you need to expand your entire setup. Battery sizing is also important.


It’s important to understand your financing options. When paying for the system in cash a homeowner can earn back their investment in only a few years. Some homeowners who don’t have the cash up front often look into leasing a system – though this usually doesn’t make the most financial sense in the long run. A better alternative is usually financing a system with no money down using a low interest solar loan. This purchaser is still eligible for the 26% federal tax credit (ITC), but can spread payments over time.

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