March 10, 2020

Optimize Your Solar Power Installation with Our Proven Process

Professional Roofing Experts Provide Extensive Reliability Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

Your solar power installation should look as good as it performs. Using our trademark Master Tile™ Installation process, we'll not only create a solution you're eager to show off to friends but help you avoid common pitfalls like exposed wires and leaking roofs. Most solar energy installers know the best way to lay out panels, but they don't have the roofing experience we do.

Our team at Green Convergence has over 30 years of roofing experience, and we're the only solar company in Granada Hills and greater Santa Clarita, CA to be approved by the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). Below is our standardized process that makes us stand out from other solar power installers in the area. Having trouble visualizing all the steps? Check out this quick video showcasing them all.

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  1. Evaluating & Repairing Your Roof

Our standardized Master Tile™ Installation starts with a thorough examination of your roof. The Green Convergence roofing team will inspect the state of your clay tile, concrete or slate roof before beginning any work. The system can be built from the ground up in any new construction.

A removal of tile, underlayment, flashings and fasteners is vital to check the underlying plywood or wood board deck for any problems. We ensure the deck is clean and structurally sound and make any necessary repairs. During this process, we also move any vents to other areas to allow for solar panels to be installed without any gaps.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Water Infiltration

We eliminate water infiltration and protect panels from rain and normal water flow with an Owens Corning Self-Adhered WeatherLock Barrier. WeatherLock is a rubberized membrane on the perimeter of your solar array that self-seals around the nails and fasteners that hold your flashings in place.

To further reduce the risk of roof leaks, we channel away any excess water using a "Positive Water Cutoff" composed of pieces of tin overlapped by shingles that raise the vertical surfaces. At the same time, the outer side serves as a gutter. The steel we use for the installation is painted to match the tile and solar panels.

The Owens Corning Deck Defense Roof Underlayment provides moisture protection for your roof and reduces water intrusion. An additional Deck Defense with a tapered Fresco Edge Strip at the bottom of the solar array raises the shingles. This lets water run on top of the tile and flow down the gutters while creating a solid foundation for your shingles.

We then apply an aluminum strip with ice and water shields over the entire length of the insulation. Between the aluminum roll and the Deck Defense, we install the Owens Corning Weatherlock to ensure a tight seal. This step is crucial to ensure that water doesn’t cause major roof damage.

  1. Building Your Solar Array

Once your ice and water protections are set, we place Owens Corning Starter Shingles at the bottom of the solar array to provide a secure seal under the first row of shingles. We then add tin shingles to complete the step flashing at the Positive Water Cutoff.

It’s then time to install Unirac Solar Mounts to which we will attach the XR Rails. These are the backbone of the solar array, curved to provide structural integrity and spanning capability for fewer roof penetrations and a more cost-effective system.

The next step is incorporating the SolaDeck that will sit right under the solar panels and allow wires to pass from the attic to the solar array while staying protected from the elements. The SolaDeck includes a bird stop to keep birds and rodents from getting under the array. The SunPower solar panels that sit on top of the deck come in modular designs that are easy to install and reconfigure as needed. The panels include a metal bird stop at the top of the array as well.

The last step in the process is all about ensuring superior aesthetics, so the array looks like it’s part of the home’s initial design while adding value to the house. This is done by cutting the previously removed tile and installing it on the top and sides of the array. One final metal bird stop is added to the top of the array to fill the space between the tile and the roof.

With our unrivaled Master Tile™ Installation process, in partnership with top roofing industry leaders like Owens Corning, your system will perform exceptionally for over 40 years. Get peace of mind knowing there won’t be birds or rodents nesting under your array, water seeping through and damaging your home or unnecessary strain on your roof.

To learn more about our Master Tile™ Installation and to set up a consultation with our team, call us at 661-491-5111, fill out our contact form or chat with a representative below.


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