August 31, 2015

What does NSF International's verification of a SunPower factory mean for solar customers?

Many exposés have popped up all over the internet and television criticizing the hypocritical nature of so-called “green” industries. Stories of falsified statistics and hidden environmental costs—such as the EPA’s recent pollution of the Colorado river—abound. This makes it hard for some people to take sustainable energy solutions seriously. But solar panels from SunPower are truly made with your wallet and the environment in mind.

At the SunPower solar factory in Mexicali, Mexico, they do things differently than most solar panel manufacturers. That is exactly why they have been gifted Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification and they just recently “earned Landfill-Free Verification from NSF Sustainability” (1).

What is NSF Sustainability?

It is a division of NSF International, a global nonprofit organization focused on preserving public health. NSF Sustainability is independent and trusted to certify landfill-free programs all over the globe (1).

NSF International Logo

How does a company like SunPower earn verification?

To get certified by NSF Sustainability, SunPower’s Mexicali factory had to “demonstrate no more than 1 percent of waste” generated at single factory goes to the landfill (1). This is no small feat.

How did SunPower cut down their waste to 1% or less?

SunPower cut their waste down with the help of Northstar Recycling, who helped them develop waste management and recycling solutions. After tons of planning and creative thinking, SunPower’s Mexicali factory found ways to reduce, reuse and recycle most of its waste to earn NSF’s approval (1). This effort also includes less expected forms of recycling, such as a world-class composting system and a vertical farm, maintained with a grey water system.

Mary Neese is thrilled with this recent honor and takes her company’s responsibilities to the environment seriously. The SunPower COO stated, "As an industry leader providing customers with reliable, high efficiency solar energy solutions, it is SunPower's responsibility to operate with minimal impact to the environment. This is why we innovate relentlessly to create clean solar products and develop more sustainable manufacturing practices" (1).

So if you are a solar skeptic who is unhappy with green hypocrites, check out panels from SunPower solar. They are the leaders in both solar power and sustainability. They put in their money and their time to make the world a better place through clean and money-saving solar energy. And, much like their partner and Master Dealer, Green Convergence, they truly care about their community.



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