May 8, 2018

SunPower Monitoring System

One of the benefits of choosing a world-leading solar manufacturer is the exceptional array of technological resources offered to customers. SunPower Monitoring provides a 24/7 in-depth look at your system’s performance, allowing you to analyze the value of your investment. Whether you’re considering solar or are already installed, let’s review what SunPower Monitoring has to offer.

Current Power

SunPower monitor

Current Power provides real time data for how much power your solar system is producing in kilowatts (kW) at any given moment. This number identifies the speed that you’re producing energy based on the sun’s energy at any point in time, and will fluctuate based on the current time of day, weather patterns, and season. For example, your system will produce more power in the summer than in the winter, and less as the sun rises or sets than at midday.

Just as the solar energy output will vary, so will your household’s energy consumption. Your consumption in January is very different from your consumption in July, and you can imagine why. Long days and summer heat waves make June-September the months with the highest energy consumption. With ridiculous electricity bills draining the bank account, it’s no wonder why many families turn to solar to offset these costs. Although SunPower Monitoring does not measure household consumption, understanding your consumption trends helps you see the whole picture of how solar works.

Monthly Electricity Use and Amount Supplied by Solar
monitor SunPower

Today’s Energy

Today’s Energy displays how much energy your panels have produced each hour of the day, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Other graphs allow you to see a weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime view of your system’s power.

Lifetime Environmental Savings

Lifetime Environmental Savings

This data shows exactly how your system benefits environment over its lifetime. You can evaluate the environmental impact in measurements of CO2 emissions avoided, miles not driven, gasoline not used, coal not burned, crude oil not used, mature trees gown, and garbage recycled.

Alert & Graphs

SunPower Monitoring

SunPower Monitoring also alerts you of any issues with your system and provides various customizable graphs to help you understand your system’s production.

How Do I Set Up SunPower Monitoring?

Once your SunPower system is installed, simply go to and follow the registration steps to create an account. You will need to enter the serial number of your PV Supervisor, which is located on the bottom of the monitoring box. Once you’re registered, you can log in to the website anytime or download the free SunPower Customer Portal app to monitor on the go!

For any questions about monitoring your SunPower system,
please contact our Green Convergence Customer Support team at (661) 491-5111.


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