May 2, 2013

The Value of Expert Roofing When Installing Solar

Residential solar power is a fantastic investment that can offer benefits in any number of ways, but only if the panels have been installed with precision, foresight, and accuracy. Most roofs are not designed to support solar panels due to the added weight. Other solar installation teams may not even be aware of this, simply because they are not trained as roofing professionals.

Failure to assess the condition of an existing roof before installing solar panels can result in immense future costs for leaking and other roof damage. A stable, long-lasting roof is especially important with solar installations because of the costs of repair increase for roofs with solar panels. It is thus necessary to ensure that your roof is custom-built to support and last the lifetime of solar panels.

At Green Convergence, roofing experts create solar-supporting roof designs specifically for your home. These roofs are built with the most reliable materials available from roofing experts Owens Corning. Because of the quality of the products, as well as the installation services, Green Convergence offers an industry-leading 50-year warranty.

If you are interested in saving money with residential solar, there are a few things you should check to ensure that your solar installer has dependable roofing expertise:

  • Inquire about past roofing projects similar to yours.
  • Verify that the installer is a respected provider of trusted roofing material.
  • Confirm that the company has successfully installed solar panels on various types of roofs (different materials, pitch, etc.).
  • Determine that the installer fully understands rooftop conditions, draining systems, and electrical wiring networks.

Too often roofs get torn up from incompetent solar installations, poorly managed, or executed without the expertise of a roofing professional. Carelessness in installation projects can lead to costly repairs due to leaks and other issues that are damaging to the home. We don't want you to have to incur the unnecessary cost. When you invest in solar, make the responsible decision to spend a few extra dollars and improve your roof upfront, rather than pay more money to replace or repair your roof later. Focus on your long-term investment and do not be a victim of shortsightedness.


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